Thoughtful Ideas: Alvin Rabushka- Whatever Happened to The Third Way of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair?

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href=’’>Thoughtful Ideas: Alvin Rabushka- Whatever Happened to The Third Way of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair?

Alvin Rabushka, is essentially right about what the Third Way is. That it’s a new approach born in the mid 1980s or so, but you could go back to Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s and Jack Kennedy in the early 1960s. That it’s a different approach and a center, between anti-government conservative libertarianism on the Right. That Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan put on the national scene in the 1960s and 70s. And New-Left democratic socialism on the left, that became dominate in the Democratic Party in the late 1960s and 1970s. That seek to create a superstate, a European welfare state in America. And make the central government responsible for looking after and taking care of the personal and economic welfare of the people.

The Third Way, is essentially a bridge between Barry Goldwater on the conservative libertarian-right and Bernie Sanders on the Far-Left. That says government has a role in seeing that everyone can succeed and do well and live in freedom. Just not try to do everything for them and run their economic and personal affairs for them. Through things like infrastructure, education, job training, economic development, economic opportunity, technology.

Conservative Libertarians, at least as far to the Right as a Ron Paul, says government has no role in seeing that people have the ability to succeed. That if government just does nothing, people will have the freedom to do those things for themselves through the private sector.

To Democratic Socialists as far to the left of Senator Bernie Sanders and perhaps most of the Progressive Caucus in Congress and their supporters in the Democratic Party and Green Party. Who say that the private sector can’t be trusted with the basic necessities of life. And that individuals can’t be trusted to make these decisions for themselves. That you need a collective doing these things for the people instead. And that you need government to do these things for them. Education, health care, health insurance, retirement, banking, energy and I’m sure several other areas.

What the Third Way says, that I’m a a part of as a Liberal New Democrat, is that an educated public is just that. That the more educated people that we have and the better educated that they are, to go along with a well-regulated, but not overly regulated private sector, the more freedom people will have over their own economic and personal affairs. And it will no longer be a question of whether government should do practically nothing, or everything for everybody. Because we would have a good government doing exactly what it should be doing. Which is protecting and expanding freedom in the country.

The Third Way is still alive and well in the Democratic Party. President Barack Obama, largely represents the this faction as far as how he governs. But uses different rhetoric to speak to more Democrats and Americans who are further left than he is. But there still a lot of Third Way Democrats in Congress. The New Democrat Coalition in the House. Tom Carper, Ron Wyden, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and several others in the Senate. And the next Democratic nominee for Senate, whether it’s either Hillary Clinton, or my choice Martin O’Malley, will most likely be a Third Way New Democrat. So Third Way liberalism, is still alive and well in the Democratic Party.

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