The Film Archives: Kevin Phillips- ‘The Triumph of Anglo America: Religion, Politics & Civil Warfare’


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“Phillips was educated at the Bronx High School of Science, Colgate University, the University of Edinburgh and Harvard Law School. About the book:Amazon.”

After his stint as a senior strategist for the Nixon presidential campaign, he served a year, starting in 1969, as Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney General, but left after a year to become a columnist. In 1971, he became president of the American Political Research Corporation and editor-publisher of the American Political Report (through 1998…

From The Film Archives

From this topic, I’m more interested in the founding of the American Federal Republic and American liberal democracy. Thanks to the American Founding Fathers (our Founding Liberals) we have the liberal democracy that we have today. Along with the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s to see that liberal democracy and American constitutionalism applied to all Americans.

The Founding Fathers, wanted to break away from the British Monarchy, the British King and build a free society in America. The U.K., obviously had a problem with that, since the American Colonies were still part of Britain. The Founding Fathers, wanted their own free society and no longer live under dictatorial authoritarian rule under the United Kingdom, where there was a state religion from the U.K, where they were taxed heavily for services that they didn’t receive and build their own country and created a Federal Republic that was going to be a free society.

The Founding Fathers (our Founding Liberals) were very brilliant. Yes, they didn’t want this liberal democracy, liberal free society to be for everyone. At the time, just Anglo-American men who owned property. And they owned African slaves and treated the American-Indians like second-class citizens. But what they put on paper applies to everyone as far as our constitutional individual rights. And not just Anglos and Caucasians in general. And not just for men and men who are property owners.

The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights today, applies to all Americans. Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or property status. And they created a brilliant form of government and free society, that is our Federal Republic and liberal democracy.

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