Movie Clips: Video: Jackie Brown 1997, Ray’s Interrogation of Jackie

What I love about Jackie Brown is that it is not one of these stereotypical good vs. evil movies. The Saints vs. the Devils it is not that type of movie. The movie has some bad characters like drug dealers who make their money from drug addicts and murder anyone who get’s in their way. But really this is a movie about people who aren’t Devils or Saints, but regular everyday people trying to make the best out of life and a bad situation so they can make their way. And that is what you see in this scene.

The FBI and DEA in Los Angeles have a joint-operation going on targeting one of the biggest drug dealers. And killers in this area played by Samuel Jackson and his crew. It is the job of these two federal agents played by Michael Keaton and Michael Bowen and people who work under them to shut this operation down and put these people in jail. Jackie Brown not a criminal, but someone who hangs out with criminals get’s put in a tough situation. Because a man she hangs out with and is friendly with plants illegal narcotics on her that she brings to America from Mexico by plane.

What you see in this video is Ray Nicolette doing his job.  He has Jackie Brown perhaps his main suspect at this point working under cover for him to bring down. This illegal drug operation and bring back the money that this crew stole and bring them to justice. Jackie Brown and her partner in this who happens to be the bounty hunter who bailed her out of jail played by Robert Forster have other ideas that is to smuggle the money out of the mall and keep it from themselves and it is up to Jackie in this interrogation to keep Ray from finding out about that.


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