Tom Woods: Murray Rothbard- ‘How Interventionists Wrecked The Old Right’

Tom Woods

Source:Tom Woods– Talking about the Old Right.

“Murray Rothbard’s posthumously released book The Betrayal of the American Right is the subject of episode 349 of the Tom Woods Show…

From Tom Woods

This blog blogs a lot about how the Far-Left especially in the Democratic Party and how they give Liberals and liberalism a bad name. Especially far-leftists who self-describe themselves as Liberals or are called Liberals in the media. Liberalism which this blog subscribes to and is about as Liberals who love liberalism, but the Far-Left makes us look like statists and collectivists who want government to do practically everything for everybody and see freedom as dangerous. When the fact is the opposite is true and Liberals want to defend everyone’s freedom and expand for those who don’t have it.

But as much as the American left-wing has a New-Left that makes its center look like something they are aren’t, so does Conservatives and the Center-Right in America. People who are called Neoconservatives who have a bigger role for the government in America as it relates to foreign policy and national security, but social issues with the Rick Santorum’s and others on the Religious-Right in America. But also as it relates to the economy and wanting government to do more for low-income Americans and actually caring about poverty. While still keeping taxes low on everyone.

Pre-1990s or so the Republican Party wasn’t a big government party as it related to economic, foreign or social policy. Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan and their supporters were still running the party for the most part. That all changed in the late 1990s or so when leaders in the Republican Party after losing the last two presidential elections were looking to win back the White House. And it started going downhill for them after that as far as classical conservatism in America. Because they turned to George W. Bush and people like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Pearl and others.

According to these Neoconservatives the old American foreign policy of containment when it came dictators and authoritarian states that were armed with weapons of mass destruction, was exactly that which was old. And that America needed to be more bold and brave. That instead of containment how about we just go into those countries like Iraq and physically not only take out their weapons, but remove the regime there and replace it with a government that is more friendly to America.

Thanks to the second Bush Administration as if one Bush Administration wasn’t enough, we get two wars at the same time. Neither one paid for and have been borrowing trillions of dollars to pay for all through the Bush Administration. We get the Patriot Act because privacy and personal freedom is dangerous to the Neoconservative mind especially when we are at war. We get two unpaid for tax cuts in the trillions of dollars and instead of containing if not reducing the size of entitlement programs, we get a seven-hundred-billion-dollar expansion of Medicare. But the way, that was borrowed as well. And instead of reducing the role of the Federal Government in education, the Bush Administration expands it through No Child Left Behind.

The Republican Party is not as unpopular as it is right now because of conservatism or Conservatives. But because the party is not conservative enough. This is no longer a limited government party, but a big government party that supports their big government policies. As it relates to foreign policy, national security and the economy. G.W. Bush didn’t destroy the Republican Party, even though he came damn close, as well as the American economy. But he basically has destroyed conservatism where even Republicans like Rand Paul who really is a Conservative Libertarian, checks to see that he doesn’t move to far away from Neoconservatives at least on foreign policy and national security.


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