Marilyn Monroe Video Archives: Monkey Business (1952) Starring Cary Grant & Ginger Rogers


Source:Marilyn Monroe History– Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers showing the public what can happen to you, when you drink too much coffee. Listen up, Millennial’s. LOL

“Marilyn Monroe – Monkey Business Theatrical Trailer”

From Marilyn Monroe Video Archives

I’ve actually seen three Marilyn Monroe movies in the last week where Marilyn wasn’t the cutest, gorgeous, sexy woman in the movie. I’m still somewhat in shocked by that, but after seeing I Married a Woman last week and The Unholy Wife a couple nights ago, both with Diana Dors, I now know that Marilyn wasn’t the cutest sexy baby of all-time, at least back then.

Pre-Monkey Business formula that makes these people in the movie turn into children as far as maturity level, Ginger Rogers was as cute as a little girl in this movie and absolutely adorable and hysterical in this movie, the whole movie. And the formula makes her act like a little girl who breaks down and cries over nothing.

Marilyn Monroe never needed some special formula or medicine to act immature and like a little girl. With that face and personality, she always sort of seemed like one anyway. So good thing her character was never on that formula in this movie, because she was very funny and also a pretty good actress and then throw in her natural personality and physical appearance, she probably could’ve played the role of a four-year old girl in the movie, with the body of sex sexy twenty-five year old woman, which she was at this time. Cary Grant is at his funniest in this movie, at least from what I’ve seen of him, which is saying a lot. Perhaps the best comedic actor of all-time.

Ginger Rogers was incredible and not just incredibly adorable, essentially acting like a little girl in this movie. But she was very funny and this movie is essentially about a brilliant scientist played by Cary Grant as Doctor Barnaby Fulton, who creates this new formula that reverses the aging process of people and makes them much younger.

Barnaby decides to try the formula on himself and becomes a nineteen-year old guy as far as personality, energy and maturity level instantly and no longer needs his glasses to use as an example. His wife played by Ginger Rogers finds out about that and decides that the experiment should be used on her. And goes nuts as a result.

This is one of the funniest movies you’ll ever see with Ginger Rogers absolutely adorable and hysterical the whole movie. With an excellent cast around her with Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Coburn and others. And one of the funniest and cutest movies you’ll ever see with perfectly normal middle-age adults becoming like little children instantly and making this an hysterical movie.

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