Pesman: Video: HBO’s The Newsroom: The Numbers Man


That whole scene sounded like two hard news veterans like Peter Jennings, for all you kids out there, he anchored ABC’s World News before he died ten-years ago, or Tom Brokaw, former anchor of NBC’s Nightly News, versus some young guy or dude, however you want to put it, who graduated college lets say five-years ago who is perfectly qualified and talented to be doing tabloid news or TV writing or producing or something, like working at Hard Copy or something, if that show is still on there. But doesn’t want to be seen as purely a tabloid worker and wants something serious and substantial on his resume or something.

So the young kid, who should be working full-time in tabloid news, or as writer or producer in Hollywood, gets a break at a real hard news cable news show with his tabloid background and has this idea that he can do both at the same time. You know, good luck with that when you’re working for two people, the anchor and executive producer who are only interested in hard news. And could care less about Casey Anthony, Kim Kardashian, or Paris Hilton, or the latest stupid comments that Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann gave. That would be tabloid political stories in Sarah’s and Michelle’s cases.

The numbers guy, is about exactly that. How the show is doing and who is watching it and how to bring in more people. What stories and topics will bring in the most ratings. And generally speaking since we live in a country of young assholes who see tabloid news as crucially important and don’t think they can live without it and freak out when they miss anything about their favorite celebrities, that is what we get a lot of. The news people male or female, are interested in, well news, in case you were wondering and want ratings too so they can stay on air. But want to cover stories and do them well and appeal to a lot of intelligent viewers, that actually give a damn about important news in this country that actually personally and financially affects them.

So that is what you see in this scene. Two news people, versus the numbers guy, the guy who is simply in drawing the most ratings possible. Versus the news people who simply want to produce the best news show possible that is profitable and allows for them to do the best show that they can. But aren’t simply about the ratings and the money, because they are journalists first. And I just wish we had more real news people on cable right now, because we need more real news. The people who are simply into the tabloid stories will always have those sources to find what they are looking for anyway.

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