History Comes to Life: Wendell Willkie- A Classical Liberal Democrat

History Comes to Life_ Wendell Willkie- A Classical Liberal

Source:History Comes To Life– Wendell Willkie for President, in 1940.

Source:FRS FreeState

“Willkie about to board plane in 1940 campaign, Willkie waves and boards, Mrs. Willkie boards plane, Willkie working on plane, plane in flight, Willkie looks out window. 1940: FDR campaigning, Mrs. Roosevelt and Herbert Lehman in car with him, long shot same, FDR car passes by. (sound) Willkie campaigning in New Jersey, man marks vote board. 1942: Plane just landed in Cairo, Wendell Willkie, FDR representatives in Cairo out of plane, various shots of Willkie in conversation at the airport, Willkie enters car and drives away. CU Willkie as he receives award for Real Understanding of Americanism (sound). CU Willkie removing hat, CU Willkie.”

From History Comes To Life

When you hear the term classical liberal, it’s generally used to talk about Libertarians today. Even though Libertarians are right-wing, center-right. (Depending on what type of Libertarian they are) And Liberals are center-left in America (compared with Conservatives) on the American political spectrum.

And then there are people who are called modern liberals and these people are supposed to be the Liberals of today. Even though in Canada or Europe they would be described as Social Democrats or Democratic Socialists or just plain Socialists. In Europe, Liberals are considered center-right, with Socialists and Social Democrats, considered center-left or left-wing. (I hope the political spectrum doesn’t make you dizzy)

People who are called modern liberals, are actually Social Democrats, who have built their philosophy around the state. And what the state can do for the people and tend to be skeptical about what the people can do for themselves. And want a big state to be there to take care of everyone so no one get’s left behind.

But these people in America tend to be called Modern Liberals, or even Liberals when they actually have more of a socialist mindset than a liberal mindset. Liberalism or classical liberalism is not about the state and is not against the state.

Liberalism is in favor of the individual and empowering people to be able to do everything that they can for themselves and is against big government. Big government being government that tries to do too much for the individual. Or trying to run their life and even protecting people from themselves.

Which is why Liberals tend to be against prohibition whether it comes from the Right or Left. Prohibition is a statist idea, a paternalist idea that “the people aren’t smart enough to make some decisions for themselves and we need government to do that for them even if that means locking people up”.Statists even believe in criminally punishing people when they make unhealthy decisions with their own lives.

Liberals and I’m one of them believe that the individual should be able to live their own life as they see fit. As long as they aren’t hurting innocent people with what they are doing. Because we know ourselves and our own lives better than government. And have to do deal with the consequences of our own decisions. Liberals believe in both economic and personal freedom that one is not worth much without the other.

Today we now have so-called Progressives who are paternalists who not only believe in the welfare state, but prohibition as well. As we see with these bans on soft drinks. (To use as examples) To go along with tobacco and other products. These people aren’t Liberals even in a modern sense and not even Progressives. But paternalists who believe they know better how individuals should live their own lives and they have a right to believe that, but they aren’t Liberals.

Wendell Willkie was a true Liberal Democrat before the New Deal and left to become a Republican. Because he believed that President Roosevelt was moving the Democratic Party and the country in a more socialist direction.

But Willkie wasn’t against government, but believed that government should be there to serve us not run our lives. Do for us what we can’t do for ourselves, that government get’s its power from us, not that it decides what we can do with our own lives.

When I think of Liberals, I think of Wendell Willkie, John Kennedy and today people like John Kerry. People who believe in both economic and personal freedom and that these things should be for everyone. That we are all entitled to have a shot at living a successful life and living in freedom.

Liberals believe where government comes in, not by creating a government to take care of everyone and show us how to live, but empowering people to be able to take care of themselves. Which is what separates liberalism from today’s so-called progressivism and libertarianism. One philosophy being all about government and the other philosophy being almost completely against government.

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