Channel 5: Carol Vorderman Dancing



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The only problem with this video other than it only being forty-seven seconds, is that I don’t know the name of the women or the show. Okay fine, so there are actually two problems that I have with this video. But the women even though I only had forty-seven seconds to check her out and I had to look real fast so I wouldn’t miss anything, is obviously a very sexy well-built women. Perhaps this was Casual Friday as far as the day of this show, or perhaps this is a dress casual show where women don’t have to dress completely formal, just as long as they look professional and presentable. But she has a very tight curvy body and those tight denim jeans makes that very clear which is point of tight denim in general for women and men. When people are out in public and those boots look great with those jeans as well.
Girl on Box: Carol Vorderman Sexy Dancing

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