Bel Jim: Carol Vorderman- at 2012 British Grand Prix

Carol Vorderman

Source:The New Democrat– British Diva Carol Vorderman, in 2012


Source Bel Jim

Carol Vorderman is a goddess in tight jeans and t-shirts. Well, in this video she’s wearing a long sleeve blouse tucked in to her tight denim jeans, but she’s still a goddess and that is a sexy look for sexy women as well. And then you add the boots to this outfit with her body, and you’re talking about a woman that could stop race cars going at 180 miles and hour because the driver loses complete focus on the race and stops to check this woman out.

I’m just glad she has been around for the low-rise designer denim jeans revolution of the last fifteen years or so. And the skinny denim jeans and boots revolution of the last ten years or so, so guys can really check this woman out. Who has the body of a professional athlete like a female track runner or a tennis player. Someone who works out on a regular basis and eats right, because they have to, to be as successful as they possibly can be.

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