Human Events: Opinion: Patrick J. Buchanan: The Socialist & the Social Darwinist

This post was originally posted at FreeStatePlus on WordPress, April 2012

Human Events: Opinion: Patrick J. Buchanan: The Socialist & the Social Darwinist

As much as President Obama may campaign as a Progressive Populist who runs on class warfare and someone who believes in “soaking the rich” to take care of the rest with Federal social programs, he’s not. You gotta remember Barack Obama is a politician. The President that Progressive Democrats want him to be, is not the President he is. If he were that President and candidate, wouldn’t of gotten elected.

The Ralph Nader’s and Dennis Kucinich’s of the World, can’t get elected President in today’s America. The way President Obama is campaigning is to appeal to so-called Progressives to get their vote, what he’s telling them is that. “We have the same or similar goals”. but then governs differently to accomplish those goals, to do it in a way that he believes works. President Bill Clinton used the term Opportunity Society, that’s how he ran for President and how he got elected President, which is creating a society for everyone that gets a good education, works hard and is productive.

Low-income people who have been left behind in the economy will have a solid opportunity, to make as much out of life as what they put into it. That not just the 10% of the population will be able to do well based on what they produce. But the other 90% of the country that works for the 10% will be able to do well in society as well. To be self-sufficient, get a good job and not live off of public assistance. Thats what an Opportunity Society is, a society of opportunity, good opportunities for all, that want a good education work hard and be productive.

An Opportunity Society is something that Barack Obama has tried to create ever since running for President and being President. He’s not a Socialist, he’s not a Democratic Socialist. At best he’s a Progressive in the FDR or LBJ sense, not today’s sense. The main reasons why Progressive Democrats don’t like him, he doesn’t believe in soaking the rich to take care of everyone else. He’s a Liberal Democrat, a Moderate Liberal at best really, doing the best job he can in an economy, where we’ve basically been starting over.

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