George Carlin: ‘Honesty & Bill Clinton’

George Carlin - Honesty & Bill Clinton (2013) - Google Search

Source:Orgasmic Potatoe– the great political satirist George Carlin on honesty, perhaps in 1997.

Source:The Daily Times

“George Carlin knows where it’s at.”

Source:Orgasmic Potatoe

This whole George Carlin routine about American voters and the politicians that they elect and reelect goes to his whole argument about American democracy and government, that we get the government that we deserved based on the people that we elect and reelect.

Americans all the time say they want their public officials to be honest, but let’s be real for a minute and then we can go back to the bullshit: When public officials are honest, they tend to get fired and what do public officials tend to care most about, (again goes to being real) their jobs. Which is exactly why they say one thing to one crowd and another thing to another crowd. They are pro-gun control in big cities and pro-2nd Amendment in rural areas. When they know they need the votes of both groups to get reelected.

And to go to another point about George Carlin’s argument about American democracy and government: our politicians can only be as good as the people that elect and reelect them. When we vote for and elect, good, honest, and intelligent people (which seems to happen about as often as it snows in South Florida in July) those are the folks that we get to represent us.

But when we elect and reelect crooks and liars (which happens every election cycle) those are the folks that are going to represent us. So I ask you: who’s fault is it for all of the corruption in our political system?

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