The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: ‘Shelly Winters Dumps Her Drink All Over Oliver Reed (1975)’

Shelly Winters Dumps Her Drink All Over Oliver Reed on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Source:The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson– Oliver Reed, having a drink on Shelly Winters, on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. (Pun intended)

“Shelly Winters Dumps Her Drink All Over Oliver Reed on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 09/26/1975”

From The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

Watching the exchanges between Hollywood Goddess Shelly Winters and British actor Oliver Reed, is like watching some talk show on what’s called cable news in America, where you can’t concentrate on what anyone is saying, because neither side will let the other talk or make more than one point for ten seconds, before the other rudely interrupts or calls the other a name, but Shelly and Oliver Reed are a helluva lot smarter. With the so-called talk show host or moderator enjoying every moment of the wrestling match thinking their ratings are going up.

Shelly Winters was the classic buttinsky in this segment and Oliver Reed wasn’t having any of it. It was his time to talk to Johnny Carson and promote what he was doing and she being Shelly Winters the great comedian and gossiper who was so cute and even immature and apparently sitting down and being quite for 10 minutes for her is like asking Donald Trump not to say anything at one of his so-called press conferences. (Sorry, my only political joke in this piece) And she kept jumping into what Johnny and Ollie were saying.

And this really annoyed Oliver Reed to the point that he made this segment about what I guess he would call aggressive, annoying women, who don’t know that their place in the world is to shut up when the men are talking. And Shelly wasn’t having any of that and she dumped her (perhaps alcoholic) drink on him. That, plus the dialogue and verbal jabs between Shelly and Ollie made for a very funny segment on The Tonight Show.

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