Bernard Goldberg: ‘Donald Trump Isn’t New Anymore- Which is Why He May Lose in November’

Donald Trump Isn't New Anymore — Which Is Why He May Lose in November - Google Search

Source:New York Magazine– “Trump Isn’t Even Good at Inventing Mean Nicknames Anymore”

“Anything can happen between now and Election Day, but if something dramatic doesn’t happen soon, something that works in Donald Trump’s favor, Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

President Trump is losing by wide margins in the latest national polls. He’s losing in battleground state polls. He’s losing among crucial independent voters. And even groups that still support the president — white evangelical Christians, for example — don’t support him to the extent they did in 2016…

From Bernard Goldberg

“Five years on from when President Trump announced he was running for President, and almost four years on from his election, America is unrecognisable. It is gripped by a pandemic, an economic crisis and now a wave of social unrest after the killing of George Floyd.

The polls have been brutal in assessing Donald Trump’s handling of America’s problems. At the moment they suggest he’s on course for a humiliating defeat. But they have been wrong before. What matters is how he performs in a handful of swing states.

US correspondent David Grossman reports from Pennsylvania, the key to Mr Trump’s victory in 2016.”

Is President Trump heading for defeat in November_ - BBC Newsnight

Source:BBC Newsnight– talking about President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

From BBC Newsnight

Until April of this year Bernard Goldberg was one of the staunches opponents of President Donald Trump (at least on the Right) and you could probably categorize him as a Never-Trumper. Until got the memo that he better join the Trump Train and become a member and signed up for the Trump White House to:”Breaking: Bernie Goldberg Joins Trump Admin as “Fake News Czar” So who knows what the hell Bernie Goldberg thinks about anything anymore and perhaps he just did this to get more readers and fans from the Donald Trump base to boost his blog, who knows.

Whether Bernie Goldberg believes anything that he wrote in his latest piece about Donald Trump, his points and argument are very sound: Donald Trump, is no longer new as an American politician or President. The country has gotten a big, nasty taste, of a very nasty man as President and at least according to his both personal and job approval ratings, American voters don’t like the man.

Fox News who just a couple months ago was President Trump’s favorite news network, has him at 39% approval (back in June) and trailing Joe Biden 47-45 today. Fox News by far is the largest news network on the Right today, and the most popular news network overall in America. (Sorry CNN and MSNBC)

In the 2015-16 American voters (at least Independents and blue-collar Democrats) were looking for something new and someone to shake up the system. That fact that Hillary Clinton has always been unpopular as a politician because she’s seen as someone who can’t stick with one position on most issues and tends to sound like she’s speaking from her latest polls (instead of her heart or brain) only reinforced to American Independents that America needed someone different who wasn’t like the politicians that they were accustomed to voting for in the past.

In walks Donald Trump the self-proclaimed billionaire and businessman (neither are true) who said he would run America like his own business and turn America around and as he put it: “Make America Great Again.” And millions of blue-collar Democrats and Independents bought that sales pitch from The Donald and Hillary probably lost 5-10% of her own party, with another faction of Democrats voting for the Socialist Green Party candidate Jill Stein or not voting at all (too busy staring at their phones and computers and watching reality TV to bother to vote) and The Donald wins the Electoral College by 3 states.

4 years later 300 plus million Americans know what kind of President Donald Trump is and the results of his presidency so far and what the country looks like now, especially economically with double-digit unemployment, as well as a recession. And The Donald is running a reelection campaign against Joe Biden, because he can’t run a reelection campaign on his own record and he believes the only way to beat the former Vice President is to make Biden seem as unpopular as he is.

What Donald Trump had going for him 4 years ago, is gone in 2020: he’s not the new guy on the block anymore whose going to shake things up. He’s already done that and now has 55-60% of the country saying they kinda liked their drink before it was shaken and stirred, or at least they liked more before The Donald messed with it. And they like Joe Biden more than Donald Trump.

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