Planet Dolan: ’15 Most Offensive Vintage Advertisements Ever’

15 Most Offensive Vintage Advertisements Ever

Source:Planet Dolan– Commercials that only radical feminists and so-called social justice warriors are offended by.

“From rampant misogyny to questionable medical advice, we count fifteen vintage ads that would never see the light of day in the modern world”

From Planet Dolan

At risk of stating the obvious and sounding overly practical: if you don’t like certain ads and advertising, do what smart people do and change the channel or skip the commercial on your computer when something comes up that offends your oversensitive ears and eyes. Or at least that’s what someone who isn’t a candy-ass would do.

And someone who believes that the word bitch is sexist and offensive, shouldn’t be calling a female baby a bitch, which is what the woman in this video did.

Running campaigns against commercials that you don’t like in order to get them censored and eliminated, makes as much sense as campaigning against stores that sell food and drinks that you don’t like.

Could you imagine a group of vegans protesting outside of burger joints and butcher shops, because they want to get those places closed down because they serve meat: you think they would have any success at all, or would that sees as useful as trying to fly to the Moon with a helicopter? I think the ladder would be true, but that’s me.

As far as these commercials: again at risk of stating the obvious the 1950s was a different decade where the culture was a lot more unified and somewhat nationalistic. What might seem bigoted today (to a lot of candy-asses) was perfectly acceptable back then.

Men were supposed to work and pay the bills. Women were supposed to stay home, raise the kids, and take care of the homes. That’s just the way life was back then in America and probably in most of the developed world.

So people today who view themselves as modern who are offended by the the 1950s way of life, that seems like a waste of effort and time today, especially when they have holidays, museums, statues, sports nicknames (that almost no one cares about) that that they could be protesting against instead. (Ha, ha)

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