American Enterprise: Opinion: Phillip Swagel: Four Ways We Can Improve the Economy in 2014

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American Enterprise: Opinion: Phillip Swagel: Four Ways We Can Improve the Economy in 2014

Just to start out before I go any further. I believe there’s a better shot of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2014 or the Redskins winning the Super Bowl with Dan Snyder as the majority owner, than I see any bipartisan cooperation in this divided Congress. When it comes to economic growth, but just for the sake of this post if not for just the hell of it, if both sides actually worked together, this is what I believe they could get done based on what both parties in Congress want to do and where there’s already agreement.

1. Infrastructure
Let’s put a five-hundred billion dollar to one-trillion dollar national infrastructure plan over five-ten years. Including a National Infrastructure Bank that would be independent of the Federal Government. A public/private corporation that would run itself and not by government. That would fund a lot of these infrastructure projects all over the country. With private funds by brining in private investors who would make money off of these completed projects. That economic Conservatives should like this because we would be using private capital and private principles. That is about what is the right thing to be doing to rebuild this country.

2. National Energy Policy
We already have a Bipartisan consensus when it comes to renewable energy sources in this country. And a bipartisan consensus when it comes to oil and gas. The fact that we need to produce a lot more of both at least in the short-term to get off of foreign oil. The reason energy independence is now on the horizon for America, is because we’ve produced a lot more oil in the last five years. If we were ruled by commonsense, we would be doing these things creating millions of jobs in our domestic energy sector. But as Senator Chuck Grassley says, “Washington is an island immune from reality”.

3. Tax Reform
For short to long-term economic and job growth I’m just talking about business tax reform. And greater tax relief for individuals and business’s to expand economic and job growth. So this would be part of my long-term tax reform plan as well. But short-term we spend somewhere around fifty-hundred-billion dollars a year on corporate welfare. When we also have a corporate tax rate of thirty-five percent, higher than both Canada and Germany. Germany the only large country in Europe with a strong economy now. Let’s lower the corporate tax rate two twenty-five percent on all profits made inside the United States. In exchange for either eliminating most of the subsidies. Or changing corporate welfare to corporate workfare and invest in things like.

A. Health insurance for employees.

B. Life insurance for employees.

C. Pensions for employees.

D. Job training for low-skilled workers and educated veteran workers who need additional skills.

E. Investing in America by either expanding or creating new factories, plants, offices and creating jobs inside the United States.

4. Immigration Reform
Pretty simple at least as far as policy. Bring in the workers that we need to do the jobs where we do not have enough skilled workers for those jobs. And bring in the workers that we need to do the jobs that Americans won’t do whether they are qualified for them or not. Bring in the 10-15 illegal immigrants in this country so they can pay their fair share of taxes. And fine for being in the country illegally based on how long they’ve been in the United States illegally. And no longer be abused by their current employers.

Just to be completely straight up. I sure as hell hope Democrats at least keep the majority in the Senate that they have now. Which I believe is possible and possible simply because their candidates and incumbents are better. And they won’t have a wildcard factor to deal with. Meaning far-left candidates trying to run for office either statewide or in swing districts. Unlike Republicans who still have these problems with their far-right and will have them in 2014. And would love to see House Democrats pick up forty seats. Not going to happen but whatever the Congressional makeup is in 2014, this is what I believe could get done without the partisanship from both sides based on what they already agree on.

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