American Thinker: Opinion: Peter Skurkiss: Smoking and Individual Liberty

American Thinker: Opinion: Peter Skurkiss: Smoking and Individual Liberty

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Just when I thought the American Thinker couldn’t be more neoconservative and big government enough. I read an article on their blog today from writer Peter Skurkiss who I’m sure means well. But a lot of bad things come from good intentions and his plan to outlaw tobacco in the United States is a perfect example of that. And why would we do it now when first of all it is already legal. Second we already tax and regulate the hell out of it and perhaps we should do even more short of outlawing it. Like moving the legal age from eighteen to twenty-one like alcohol. But third smoking has already come down so far in this country from what we’ve already are doing right now to it.

Look if we as a society do not like the actions others take and primarily the reasons for that is because we do not want to pay for their mistakes, remember a lot of America is about our economy and money, so if we do not want to pay for others mistakes, gee here’s an idea and let’s stop doing that. And let stupid people pay for their stupid mistakes instead. Not just tax tobacco, but tax it to the point that smokers will have a decision to make. “Do I really want to spend so much money on a product that could kill me?” But second to transfer that tax revenue to the health care that smokers will need to pay for their smoking.

Alcohol prohibition didn’t work, the War on Drugs has failed. Just look at all the ruined lives from it as a result. Like people not being able to get good legal jobs because of a drug conviction. Even though they didn’t actually hurt anybody. Same thing would happen with tobacco prohibition. Arresting people for what they do to themselves and overflowing and already overcrowded criminal justice system.

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