Howard Beale: Network (1976) ‘We’re In a Lot of Trouble’

Howard Beale - We are in a lot of trouble! Network 1976

Source:Sunny Chew– The Great Peter Finch as Howard Beale.

Source:Real Life Journal

“This clip from Network reminded us of why we become a bunch of couch potatoes!
Howard Beale : We are in a lot of trouble!… because the only truth you know is what you get over this tube. Right now there is a whole, an entire generation that never knew anything that didn’t come out of this tube. This tube is the gospel- the ultimate revelation.”

From Sunny Chew

“Network (1976) we’re in a lot of trouble”

Howard Beale_ Network (1976) 'We're In a Lot of Trouble'

Source:Sunny Chew– The Great Peter Finch as Howard Beale.

From The Ghost

This is from Howard Beale’s (played by The Great Peter Finch speech) about modern America and modern American culture (as of 1975) where he was arguing that Americans only hear and see what they want too. But are afraid to hear and see things that make them think. And he was blaming this on TV.

Howard Beale

Source:Real Life Journal– the Great Peter Finch as Howard Beale.

This is one of the best scenes from one of my favorite movies Network from 1976. Because it perfectly explained the economic and cultural situation’s of America in the mid-1970s that was going though a bad recession with high unemployment. People’s pay going down with only the wealthy doing well and seeing their income climbing. With corporations getting bigger and fewer as well ,with Howard Beale played by Peter Finch essentially saying, “enough!”

But at the same time what Howard Beale is doing in this scene, is giving Americans a constructive lecture about American society. Saying that too much of their realty comes from the tube. Meaning the TV obviously (not YouTube) and that not enough Americans were getting real information about life and not doing a good enough job of educating themselves. Not reading enough and doing enough constructive activities. That Americans reality was too much based on what they saw on TV.

Howard Beale telling the country that too much of our realty came from TV, especially Hollywood. That the top cop or hero (name the show) always gets the bad guy even if things look horrible when, because they still have the rest of the hour to save the day. That no one dies or loses their job, even in a bad recession that the country was going through in 1974-75 and this movie came out just after that, but no one loses their job or dies in the hit TV show family.

Howard Beale was telling Americans to get up and wake up and take responsibility over their lot in life, because no one was going to do that for them. That TV is exactly that and real life is what they live everyday and if they want to succeed in life, they need to make that happen for themselves. That Americans even Americans who are successful do loose their job. That people even in successful families get and die from cancer and that the hero in life is not always able to save the day. That life is much more real and complicated than that.

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