PBS: Video: NewsHour: Shields and Dionne Discuss Conflict in The GOP, Gun Violence

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The Tea Party gets their vote on ObamaCare in the House and it is killed by Senate Democrats. And the House Tea Party is introduced to reality meaning that they figure out that they can’t repeal the Affordable Care Act in this Congress. That is assuming that there are enough Tea Party Republicans finally get this and say, “we’ve fought the good fight and lost. And will come back in the next Congress.” That is assuming a lot and I hope that Brooks and Dionne are right in the sense that I do not want a government shutdown. But there are a faction of Tea Party Republicans that are in the, “I won’t give up until ObamaCare is repealed. No matter who I take down with me including the Republican Party. So we’ll see which side of the GOP wins in the end.” The suicide pilots in the Tea Party, or the adults with their feet on the ground.
Government Shutdown

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