Talking Points Memo: Video: MSNBC’s The Morning Joe: Joe Scarborough, FOX News, MSNBC, Exactly the Same

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Joe Scarborough is right in the sense that MSNBC prime time and Fox News both represent political perspectives in America. They are both mouthpieces for different ideological movements in the country. Fox News is essentially the official voice for the right-wing in America and MSNBC prime time at least represents a part of the Left in America, I would argue the Far-Left at least with their prime time talk shows. Rather than both being networks for people to go to who are just looking for the news and what is going on in the country and around the world.

CNN represents the mushy middle, people who don’t know what they think and to a certain extent equal balance and they bring on people from both sides. But generally smart sane people on both sides, people who don’t look like they are on medication from some shrink or need to be or perhaps even need to be committed. Unlike FNC and MSNBC that many times shows you what the nut houses on the Left and Right are thinking. And bring in escaped mental patients to show you those perspectives, or people who should be committed.

I mean if you are someone who is truly interested in news and people who just give you that and then brings in experts who are truly that and know what they are talking about and gives those perspectives based on old fashion things like facts and personal experience, things that might not be considered awesome by today’s young people and hyper partisans, then CNN is still the best place for that. As well as the network news shows, as well as C-SPAN and perhaps Bloomberg.
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