Salem Stalker: Video: NBC’s Days of Our Lives: Marlena Attacks Kristen

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I don’t want to make this scene seem less than it is, but I love watching these two gorgeous sexy adorable women interact with each other. Marlena attacking Kristen proves that she is not as adorable, sweet and innocent as she looks. That Big Baby can attack and is more than cable of defending herself and protecting what is hers when she believes she needs to. And Kristen playing sexy, gorgeous yes, but a tough bitch, who doesn’t have many if any limits on how far she’ll go to hurt people she despises like Marlena.

These two characters Kristen DiMera and Marlena Evans played by Eileen Davidson and Deidre Hall, literally hate each other. And Kristen literally using Marlena’s biological son Eric and her stepson Brady to hit Marlena. By having affairs with both, which is a Hurricane Katrina size disaster waiting for both men to have a women like Kristen who is always looking for her next move and who and where to strike at against. And Marlena knows that, because she knows Kristen and that is what this fight is about. That she is not going to let Kristen use her sons.
Marlena Attacks Kristen

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