Michelle Rodriguez & Vin Diesel: The Fast and The Furious (2001) Hot Dom & Letty

Warrior 922_ The Fast and The Furious (2001) Hot Dom & Letty (1)

Source:Warrior 922– sizzling Dom and Letty.

Source:Real Life Journal

“The Fast and The Furious – Hot (Dom&Letty) NEW THING TO DO in the ‘BRING BACK LETTY’ campagne!”

Source:Warrior 922

Vin & Michelle

Source:Warrior 922– hot Dom and Letty.

The Fast and The Furious is not one of my favorite movies. It is not even one of my favorite movies of this century so far. Which is saying something, because most of the top movies of this era at least in popularity are based on style, what is considered hot, awesome, OMG or whatever. I think you get the idea and special effects as well.

And movies like that which aren’t based on writing, acting and plot, don’t tend to impress me. But I do like Michelle Rodriguez, not just physically as a gorgeous baby-faced adorable sexy woman, but as an actress as well. And I like Vin Diesel purely as an actor and these two characters and how they relate in this movie are really the only thing that impresses me about this movie. And they look great together and communicate very well together. They simply go well together as you see in this scene.

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