The American Spectator: Jeffrey Lord: ‘Sarah Palin to Sean Hannity: I May Run’

The American Spectator_ Jeffrey Lord_ ‘Sarah Palin to Sean Hannity_ I May Run’ _ The New DemocratSource:The American Spectator– columnist Jeffrey Lord.

Source:The Daily Times

Source:The American Spectator: “Nbsp;Does Sarah Palin have a secret Nixon strategy?

Last night on Hannity (as seen here in Part 1 and here in Part 2) former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin dropped into the Iowa State Fair to say that she is indeed considering a presidential run….and the place went nuts. Calling for an “American Restoration” her appearance drew noisy cheers from the surrounding crowd when she suggested among other things (and here she pointed to the crowd) that it was the job of Americans to be “holding those liars accountable” who insist big government is the answer.

Time moves quickly, and what was interesting in Palin’s appearance was not just the crowd response. It was almost that in her long absence from the presidential campaign, leading many to suggest she was in fact not a candidate, rank-and-file Republicans had scanned the potential candidates and suddenly realized it was Palin they had loved all along.

If in fact Palin finally jumps into this race, there is an interesting historical precedent for the idea that a self-enforced absence from the political scene makes the public’s heart grow fonder for the missing candidate.

In 1967 Richard Nixon, rejuvenated by the GOP success in the 1966 elections (like the GOP 2010 victories a stunning GOP comeback) and wanting badly to have a second shot in 1968 after his narrow loss to JFK in 1960, had an interesting strategy. He believed his biggest problem was the belief by many that, in his words, “Nixon can’t win.” How to ge around this? While privately telling his closest friends he wanted them to move ahead with plans to run, publicly he announced that he would spend 1967 in a self-imposed political “moratorium.” Nixon later wrote:

… I considered the ability to remain officially undecided for as long as possible to be one of my greatest advantages. Not only would this allow me more independence, but the speculation about my intentions guaranteed far more media attention than I would have if I announced…

Here’s another interesting coincidence. The front runner of the day in 1967 for the GOP? That would be the popular Republican Governor of Michigan – Mitt Romney’s dad, George. Nixon said the risk in letting Romney have all the attention in 1967

was carefully calculated. George Romney would be out front taking the heat from the press and the pundits while I continued my quiet planning.…

In the end, Romney did step in it, saying he had been brainwashed while in Vietnam by the LBJ folks. Nixon, on the sidelines, suddenly looked very responsible — and electable. Palin is decidedly not Nixon. Still… a famous old strategy for someone dismissed as not being able to win can still be a good one.

And based on her Iowa appearance and the response from the crowd watching her newsworthy re-emergence on Hannity, Palin may suddenly be a serious threat not just to Romney but every other GOP candidate as well.

Palin will make her decision by the end of this month or early September, she has said.

Stay tuned.” From Jeffrey Lord.

“In a June 3, 2011 interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News , former Alaska Governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin expressed frustration over the Republican Party and hinted of a possible third party run in 2012.

“You know what, a year ago I would have said please don’t even consider third party,” Palin told Hannity. “I think conditions have changed in this last year…if they’re not careful in the GOP there will be a third party rise up just like back in the day when the Whigs finally went away and Republicans rose up.”

Please proceed to The New Conservative Journal for the full transcript of this portion of Gov. Palin’s interview.”

From the Conservative Journal.

It would be a great day for the Republican Party and a bad day for comedians, pundits and bloggers if Sarah Palin left the GOP to run for President. Probably for some Far-Right third-party.

She doesn’t have a blizzard’s chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination for president in 2012 and perhaps ever. Because the GOP establishment has essentially told her, perhaps even to her face that she won’t win it. Because they are looking for a presidential nominee that can beat the President and win the White House in 2012.

Which is why Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty look so good to them right now. And why Mitch Daniels had he decided to run for President for 2012, would’ve look so good to them as well.

The GOP establishment wants to win in 2012. While the GOP base is looking for a presidential nominee that’s perfect in their mind ideologically. Especially on social issues where Sarah Palin fits in so well with them: anti-abortion, anti-gay, etc, where they don’t trust Mitt Romney.

Sarah Palin doesn’t belong in a major political party like the GOP. But at the head of a fringe Far-Right party. And the GOP would be better off if she left them for good.

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