Alyssa Milano: NFL Commercial

Sexy Baby

Source:Real Life Journal– Actress/comedian, and Hollywood Babydoll and now Denim Diva: Alyssa Milano.

Source:Real Life Journal 

Actress/comedian and new denim diva Alyssa Milano, making some publicity appearance, perhaps in Los Angeles. She generally comes off a very funny, but so cute to the point that can still pass as a little girl, but she also has a sexy side that I guess she hides very well.

“Yep. Give’m back that old jersey. It’s time to take sexy back! NFL. Music: April Smith and the Great Picture Show, “You Don’t Own Me”

Alyssa Milano_ NFL Commercial _ Real Life Journal

Source:Captain Cruise Control– Redskins owner Dan Snyder: with his mistress?

From Captain Cruise Control

I used to have the impression of actress/comedian Alyssa Milano as a little baby-face cutie, who became famous from Who’s the Boss, Melrose Place and later Charmed. Who yes, was and is beautiful, but her baby-face looks is what I noticed about her physically. But the last few years, she’s grown up physically and I’ve seen her in a couple of denim jeans commercials and she has looked great in them.

And she’s clearly has sex appeal while still being as adorable as she probably always has been. But now we see her out in public showcasing her sex appeal, the legs especially and even her butt.

Lately we’ve seen a lot of her out in tight denim jeans in leather boots and photographers love to take her picture out in this outfit. Why wouldn’t they, she’s a beautiful sexy women and she loves to showcase that.

Not many better ways if any for a sexy woman to show what she’s working with, especially the lower body, then tight denim jeans with boots. Whether it jeans in boots which is more common today, or jeans over boots, which is classic and still sexy, for women and men. Alyssa Milano is no longer a baby cutie, she’s still baby-face and probably always be that.

But now Alyssa has a woman’s body to go with that. You gotta to be a sexy woman, a grownup to pull off the tight denim jeans in boots look. You have to have legs where you are short, average, or tall and that means healthy looking legs. Rail-thin women look rail-thin in this look and of course skinny jeans make obese women look ever large. But now Alyssa is a sexy woman with a beautiful baby-face that looks great in jeans in boots.

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