CNN: Upfront- Republican Strategist Mike Shields Stuns Poppy Harlow

CNN_ Upfront- Republican Strategist Mike Shields Stuns Poppy HarlowSource:CNN– Poppy Harlow trying to have a discussion with House Minority Leader strategist Mike Shields, but Shields just being there to deliver his talking points.

Source:The New Democrat

“Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) threatened to remove Republicans from their committee assignments if they joined the select committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection, according to multiple Republican sources.”

From CNN

I get the political problems that face House Republicans here. If January 6 is investigated and we learn about all the Trump supporters that were part of the insurrection, that could hurt House Republicans with Independents and even with Center-Right Republicans as they are running for election and reelection in 2022.

But the flip side of this political coin for Minority Leader McCarthy and House Republicans is the longer we don’t know what happened on January 6, the longer this story is going to be in the news, because the longer the national media, Congressional Democrats, (House and Senate) and the U.S. Justice Department is going to want to investigate this national news story which was the attack on our U.S. Congress simply for doing their jobs on January 6.

It’s that old cliche when you are in a hole, stop digging. What smart lawyers do when they know there is some really bad evidence out there against their client and they have access to that evidence, they release that information themselves and then try to put the best spin on it. Because the longer you hold out on it, the worst you look later on, especially if it looks like you were trying to cover it up.

What Mike Shields was doing is the opposite of disclosure. House Republicans are trapped in a hole here and instead of trying to climb out of it and put this story to bed as soon as possible (like at midnight, instead of 5AM) they bring in whole new crew of hole diggers and new shovels and try to trap themselves in the hole instead. Which is a really bad political play on their part. The longer they try to cover up January 6. the more it will hurt them in 2022.

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