Mystery File: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour- Don’t Look Behind You (1962) Starring Vera Miles & Jeffrey Hunter

Mystery File_ The Alfred Hitchcock Hour- Don't Look Behind You (1962) Starring Vera Miles and Jeffrey Hunter (1)Source:Mystery File – Hollywood Goddess Vera Miles and actor Jeffrey Hunter, on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour in 1962.

Source:The New Democrat

“Don’t Look Behind You.” An episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (Season 1, Episode 2). First air date: 27 September 1962. Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Abraham Sofaer, Dick Sargent, Alf Kjellin, Ralph Roberts, Mary Scott, Madge Kennedy. Teleplay: Barr� Lyndon, based on a novel by Samuel Rogers. Director: John Brahm…

From Mystery File

“The Alfred Hitchcock Hour S01E02 Don’t Look Behind You”

Mystery File_ The Alfred Hitchcock Hour- Don't Look Behind You (1962) Starring Vera Miles and Jeffrey HunterSource:Public Domain Television– Jeffrey Hunter as Harold.

From Public Domain Television

Harold (played by Jeffrey Hunter) I guess is a student of true crime who wants to become a criminal psychologist and is fascinated by it and the little crime spree that’s going around his school at this time is perfect for him and he becomes consumed by it.

Daphne (played by Hollywood Goddess Vera Miles) is a doctor and plays Harold’s boyfriend. She’s late for a dinner party one night and her and her boyfriend arrive separately at the the party and ends up taking a walk in the woods where apparently the killer has been wandering through. Her friends and boyfriend find out about it and give her a hard time about it, even though she doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

Harold become obsess with this true crime story to the point that it consumes him and he wants to solve the case himself and find out why the killer is committing these crime and get into his head. He tries to get into the mind of the killer to the point that he becomes the killer himself as far as he’s acting and at one point tries to kill his girlfriend Daphne and ends up getting arrested and sent to a mental institution.

Vera Miles, was perfect for Alfred Hitchcock, similar to Diana Dors or Grace Kelly, because she was drop-dead gorgeous and yet so adorable that she could seem childlike and yet very sexy as well, and also very smart and witty. Which is why she did both a lot of TV, as well as film work for Hitchcock in the 1950s and 1960s. And continued her career in television in the 1970s making a lot of guess appearances on detective shows, including Hawaii 50, Columbo, Cannon, Mannix, and other shows.

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