The Film Archives: Douglas Charles: ‘J. Edgar Hoover’s War On Gays’

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Source:The Film Archives– No, J. Edgar Hoover’s War on Gays, didn’t come from The Onion.

Source:The New Democrat 

J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI, and the “Sex Deviates” Program – NOTCHES”

From The Film Archives 

“The FBI is the world’s most famous law enforcement agency and also one of the world’s most mysterious organizations. Only the few who were part of J. Edgar Hoover’s inner circle know the truths of five decades of his authoritarian rule. In this gripping personal account, Deke DeLoach, who was privy to Hoover’s thoughts and actions during the FBI’s most tumultuous years, tells his insider story.”

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Source:Amazon– J. Edgar Hoover: A Queen’s War on Queens, would also be a good title for this book.

From Amazon

Not sure if a satirical approach, or a more serious approach about FBI Director Edgar Hoover’s apparent warrant war on homosexuality is the right approach here. Because he was a total hypocrite when it came to homosexuality being not just a closeted gay man himself as someone who had a long-term affair with one of his assistants, but apparently he was a closeted queen ( feminine gay man ) as well. You could really rip Hoover on this, or take a more serious approach.

Edgar Hoover’s public anti-homosexuality, reminds me of the so-called Christian-Conservative politician or pastor who secretly has affairs with either his male staffers, or juvenile males. Representative Mark Foley from back in the mid-2000s who was an anti-gay in public, but in his private life had an affair with one of his Congressional staffers. The whole Catholic Church scandal from the early 2000s where you had Priests who were molesting children, including boys, would be another example. Catholics, or at least so-called Conservative-Catholics tend to view homosexuality as a sin.

I mean you really could have fun with Edgar Hoover on this, because in public he was claiming to be a champion of traditional American values, despite all his attacks on the U.S. Constitution, especially the 1st Amendment, 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and perhaps other amendments with all the unwarranted wiretaps and unwarranted private information that he collected on private American citizens and not just civil rights leader Dr. Martin L. King. But other than all of these constitutional violations that he committed as a Federal Government official, I guess he would be considered to be a champion of American traditional values, the U.S. Constitution, and individual freedom.

Well, according to the Far-Right Hoover believed in these so-called American values. But we also happen to be talking about a group of American that also believes in UFO’s and other conspiracy theories. So take their word for only what it’s worth. Even though in private life, Hoover didn’t believe in any of these so-called traditional American values, especially these so-called Christian family values ( being a gay man ) and he didn’t believe in the U.S. Constitution or individual freedom. He just wanted the Far-Right to believe he believed in those things.

So in public life FBI Director Edgar Hoover ( did anyone have the balls to call Edgar Hoover, Ed? ) was a champion of traditional American values and morality. But in private life, Hoover was the Queen of Queens, except he lived in Washington. And to be frank: spoke with such a high voice that you might have thought he was just kicked in the balls by a horse and somehow lived to tell and talk about it.

So yeah, Edgar Hoover was dictatorial, authoritarian leader of the largest and most powerful law enforcement agency not just in America, but in the world. And of course deserves great criticism to be be put down for that and should’ve been put in jail for all of his crimes against Americans. But if you can’t see the humor in this story and in his life, I suggest that you go look for a sense of humor and then claim it as your own and use it.

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