Commentary Magazine: Abe Greenwald- ‘Our Socialist Socialites’


Source:Commentary Magazine– The Democratic Socialists, as well as Hipsters of America, LOL!

Source:The New Democrat

Source:Commentary Magazine: Abe Greenwald- Socialist Socialites

It’s not everyday that I agree with anything that is written by Commentary Magazine, except when they’re critiquing both the Far-Left and Far-Right in America which is what they do along with National Review as two of the last of the great Center-Right publications in America, along with The Wall Street Journal and a few others. The reason why I’m on the Commentary email list is to see articles like this where Abe Greenwald compares the modern socialist movement in America with a social movement, I want to thank God ( even though I’m Agnostic ) for Commentary.


Source:Real Clear Politics– Yeah, right!!! LOL

Comparing Socialists with Socialites especially younger Socialists is brilliant, because socialism ( however you define it ) is not just a political movement, but it’s a social movement. And I mean social in the sense about people socializing with each other. not socializing businesses ( necessarily ) but people getting together for not just a common purpose, but getting together because they have a lot of things in common.


Source:Science Matters– Welcome to the modern New-Left

And I’ll give a great example of that: I’m paraphrasing and even rephrasing here, but it’s the old expression that you’re socialist when you’re younger and somewhat naive, but as you get older and enter the real world in your career and you settle down, you get married, you have kids you become much more conservative ( in the classic and real sense ) especially with your own money and realize that those high tax rates that you were advocating for and even demonstrating for in your 20s, might not seem so groovy or awesome anymore ( depending on your era but now seem far out or far-left, pun intended ) and seem like they’re too much.

And you realize that capitalism, is pretty damn good and is the reason why you have the good job that you have today, are able to own your own home, don’t have to rely on the government for your news and information, are able to socialize and assemble with whoever you want, whenever you want, without fear of being locked up simply because of who you’re socializing with, can afford to have and raise kids now, etc.

That we all grow up as a country as we enter our mid 30s and get even older and realize we all have bills to pay and if we don’t want to be dependent on government or pay high tax rates for our economic survival, we not only have to work hard, but need to be very productive and good at our jobs. And the way to do these things is through the capitalist, private enterprise, liberal democratic order and world. Not by trying to overthrow the current government either through democratic or revolutionary means.

Whether it was the Hippies from the New-Left of the 1960s and 1970s or what was Occupy Wall Street from 2011-12, to the Bernie Sanders Movement of today, or the Beatniks from the Silent Generation from the 1950s we’ve always had at least since the 50s a movement of young hipster radicals who are the coolest and hippest people around, as well as the most politically radical as well, at least coming from the Left. People who are not only devoted to their political causes ( until they grow up and enter the real world ) but who are dedicated to their social movement and culture and being the coolest person around who is always part of the current hipster wave if not on top of it. Who look down at people who hard for a living and are successful in life and just view them as part of the imperial, fascist capitalist regime. ( I’m a little rusty with my 1960s and 1970s New-Left vocabulary )

Socialism, has never just been a political movement and it’s never just been a political movement in America either. The hippest people in America and outside of America are either Socialists or people who pretend to be Socialists, but in real-life are very wealthy and have made a lot of money for themselves who go out-of-their-way to avoid paying high taxes. And I’m thinking of the Jane Fonda’s of the world and other so-called Hollywood Leftists who has been independently wealthy at least since the early 70s if not longer from her great career in Hollywood.

Hollywood Leftists and other hipster Socialists have been around forever and just goes to my point that the coolest people around tend to be Socialists, not that they’re aren’t on hipsters on the Right: Libertarians, are a great example of that, but the coolest people around tend to at least officially view themselves as one type of Socialist or another. But along with Hollywood Leftists I tend to not take them very seriously and have much respect for them with Bernie Sanders and few others being exceptions to that.

Because again for a lot of these people being a Socialist tends to be a phase for them, but also the most left amongst us in America also tend to be the hippest and are in on all the latest trends and in on all the latest fashion statements and if anything author those statements themselves whether it’s clothing, new technology, coffee, marijuana, whatever it might be. All these great things that come from our capitalist, private enterprise system. Like the environmentalists who drives a SUV, or the animal rights activist who wears leather jackets and other leather clothing, I mean who do they think there’re fooling or even bullshitting. But Socialists have always represented more than just a political movement in America and outside of America and always will.

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Source:Tricks & Sleeves: Socialist Socialite– Hum, I’m seeing a tiger on The Moon: now I know I’m high. LOL

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