CATO Institute: Opinion- Michael Tanner: ‘Democratic Primary Voters Turn To Socialism’


Source:National Review– U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialist, Socialist Republic of Vermont 

Source:The New Democrat 

Source:CATO Institute: Opinion- Michael Tanner: ‘Democratic Primary Voters Turn To Socialism’

This is a great a timely piece from CATO’s Michael Tanner, because I was watching The Lead with Jake Tapper in CNN yesterday afternoon, ( you can do that when you work from your desk and office ) and they were talking about this exact same issue.


Source:FOX News– U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and U.S. Representative Alexandria O. Cortez: two self-described Democratic Socialist members of Congress 

Tapper, asked Conservative CNN political analyst Amanda Carpenter basically the exact same question and she responded something to the effect of why the Democratic Party is now embracing socialism and she talked about the primary voters in the Democratic Party and their support of socialism. Karen Finney, who is a respected Democratic strategist and CNN political analyst said something like, “this is not true since only one declared Democratic presidential candidate is a Socialist.” That person being Senator Bernie Sanders, who is no longer the only self-described Democratic Socialist in Congress with several Democratic Socialists getting elected to the House last year. He’s not even the only Socialist in the Senate, just the only self-described Socialist. which is very different.

CNN’s Karen Finney, completely missed the point yesterday ( perhaps intentionally ) about Socialists and socialism in the Democratic Party. I realize that socialist and socialism are still scary words within the Democratic Party Leadership and establishment that Finney is part of, because when they think of those two words they remember George McGovern and the McGoevrnites in the 1970s and the rise of the New-Left in the late 60s and 70s. And all the negative stereotypes that come from being both a Socialist and a Democrat, especially Socialist-Democrat. But socialist and socialism are not scary words with young Democrats and young Independents who are considering voting Democratic in 2020 and voted Democratic overwhelmingly in 2018.

When your current frontrunner at least as far as your declared presidential candidates is polling at 30% and leads every one else by at least double figures which is what Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is doing right now for 2020, you not just have more than one Socialist in your party, but you have a someone who probably represents 30% of the party if not 1/3 or more than that if the Jill Stein voters were to come out for Senator Sanders next year instead of Dr. Stein, you not only just have more than one Socialist in your party, which is stating the obvious anyway since the Democratic Party has always had Socialists in their party whether they’re self-described or not, but you have a socialist faction inside of your party.

The Democratic Party today now has a large block of Democrats including Democratic Socialists voters, who embrace the ideas of Socialists and socialism and want to see those policies put into place in this country. That’s just the state of the Democratic Party right now whether the Karen Finney’s and other members of the Democratic Party Leadership are ready to acknowledge that or not.

“2012 GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain discusses future of the Democratic Party.”


Source:FOX Business: After The Bell With David Asman: Herman Cain: ‘Democrats Hard Turn To Socialism’– Not sure that Herman Cain is the best spokesman on the Democratic Party, but I don’t work for FOX News. Thank God! 

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