Bernard Goldberg: Donald Trump Is No Ronald Reagan


Source: Bernard Goldberg– Donald Trump, meeting Vladimir Putin in Helsinki

Source: The New Democrat

To say Donald Trump, is no Ronald Reagan, is like saying it gets hot in South Florida during the summer. You would be so guilty of stating the obvious that you would have to plead guilty if stating the obvious was illegal and beg for a plea bargain or mercy from the court. As much as today’s Republicans claim to love Ronald Reagan, they don’t because they love Donald Trump instead who is very different not just politically, but in tone, temperament, character, or lack of character on The Donald’s part.


Source: Bernard Goldberg– Classic Bully Donald Trump, taking on a disabled reporter in 2016

Whatever you think of Ronald Reagan’s politics and his presidency, most people tended to give him the benefit of the doubt that he at least believed what he was saying. Unlike Big Don, where 3-5 Americans depending on what poll you look at don’t like the man and tend not to believe him when he’s speaking. What Republicans like about Ronald Reagan is his popularity and the fact that he’s a Republican, his supply side or as Democrats call borrow and spend economics, he was tough on crime and believed in large defense budgets.


Source: Mike Russo Expose– President’s Donald Trump, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington & Ronald Reagan

But beyond that today’s GOP doesn’t like The Gipper’s politics, because he believed in immigration, diversity, multiculturalism, America is a city on a shining hill that welcomes everyone that is willing to work and contribute to America. In today’s Republican Party if you’re not of Western-Northern European, especially British Protestant background, they don’t want you and see you as Un-American, shit holes. ( To use President Trump’s own words) Reagan, Saw big government as a threat whether it interfered into either economic and or personal affairs. Not only was Reagan not in bed with the Christian-Right on social issues, he wasn’t even in the same room, floor, home, neighborhood, city, zip code, county, state, etc. Unlike the Christian-Right that goes to bed politically with Donald Trump every night as he tucks them in.

Reagan, hated authoritarianism in all forms whether it was communism, nationalism, or religious fundamentalism. Unlike Donald Trump, who has tried to become friends with at least two Communists in President Xi Jinping from China and President Kim Jung-Un from North Korea. And wants President Vladimir Putin from Russia, to be his best friend, perhaps has a poster of him in his bedroom, running to be President of the Vladimir Putin Fan Club, if his current gig doesn’t work out. And yet you always here Tea Party Republicans today talk about Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, as if they’re the same man both politically and as far as personality. When they’re as different as weather reports from Seattle, Washington and Miami, Florida in January.

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