Reason Magazine: Opinion- Peter Suderman: Donald Trump’s Vladimir Putin Summit Is Another Reminder He Prefers Dictators To Democratic Leaders


Source: Reason Magazine– President Donald Trump & President Vladimir Putin, meeting in Helsinki

Source: The New Democrat

Donald Trump, likes to portray himself as this big guy from Queens New York who doesn’t take any junk ( to put it lightly ) from anyone and never gets pushed around. He always shows strength and toughness and is never soft. That is the reputation that he wanted to have in his 45 plus years in business and the reputation that he wants to have now as a politician. Except that in his heart he’s basically just a bully. Trump, is a guy who’ll be as tough as he possibly can against someone he says as a pushover, but if the person has any strength at all, he’ll fall back.


Source: The Denver Post– Don & Vlad, meeting in Helsinki

If President Trump, believes he can push someone around and sees that person as weak, he has no problem attacking them verbally, because he doesn’t believe that person can defend them self, but if that person fights back like Hillary Clinton or someone else, he backs down. Or if he views someone as tough like a Vladimir Putin, he’ll be as nice as he possibly can even going as far as appeasing that person to make them feel as good as possible. He’ll make our democratic allies in Canada and Europe, look like the enemy and the authoritarian dictators look like our friends.


Source: The Australian– Vlad & Don, chatting in Helsinki

Donald Trump, is the ultimate flatterer to people he views as tough and respects, who’ll tell someone who just made them a peanut butter sandwich that is the best sandwich that he’s ever eaten or the best meal he’s ever had, even if the peanut butter sandwich only came with crackers and perhaps water and not even milk, he’ll try to convince the person that he sees as tough as serving them the best meal he’s ever had. Forget about those great steak dinner and other meals that he’s had in New York or those great quarter pounders that he’s had on his own airplane, the peanut butter sandwich is the best thing he’s ever eaten, which is what he would want that person to believe.

Trump, doesn’t care if the people he likes and respects are horrible people, just as long as he likes and respects them and he feels they like and respect him. If Donald Trump felt something he liked about Saddam Hussein, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Adolf Hitler, or any other mass murderer you want to name in world history, he’ll be nice to that person regardless of what that person has done with their life or to other people. It’s not about defending or promoting America or even the people who voted for him with Donald Trump, but defending and promoting Donald Trump the man. Or I would argue Donald Trump the lack of a man who doesn’t have the guts ( to put it mildly ) to take on evil dictators. Even though he literally is the most powerful man in the world.

30, 40, 50, years ago Far-Leftist Democrats the George McGovern’s of the world and even to a certain extent the Ted Kennedy’s of the world, even though he moderated his politics at least on national security and foreign policy by the late 1980s or so, were seen as soft and people who appease dictators around the world especially Communists dictators. Before the McGovern’s it was the Henry Wallace’s of the world who had this reputation and now it would be the Dennis Kucinich’s of the world from the last 10-15 years when he was in the House. And for good reasons because they were soft on authoritarians and authoritarianism and in some cases would even deny the obvious brutality that would go on in those countries that would be coming from the government’s there.

I only mention this because if any major national Democrat who was looking at running for president or seeking a Democratic leadership post in Congress today the Elizabeth Warren’s, Bernie Sanders of the world, said half or even a quarter of the nice things that President Trump has said about President Vladimir Putin, President Kim Jong-Un of the Communist Republic of Korea, President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China, President Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines, they would be seen as American traitors and as treasonous. If Hillary Clinton won the presidential election in 2016 and had said a quarter or half of the nice things that President Trump has said about these dictators, House Republicans would be calling for her impeachment immediately. But for some reason Donald Trump gets a pass from the same people who would be looking to arrest and lockup Democrats for doing the exact same things.

Living in America now is like being on a Twilight Zone episode or just living in The Twilight Zone, where you now have a Republican President who likes dictators and authoritarianism and who takes the word of President Vladimir Putin from the Russian Federation, who is a authoritarian right-wing Nationalist who locks up and even murders journalists and politicians simply for opposing him, over the word of the American intelligence community people he appointed to run those agencies who were confirmed by the U.S. Senate in most cases overwhelmingly. Career intelligence and national security professionals who run those agencies. The truth and evidence be dammed with President Donald Trump, if it doesn’t backup up his spin and propaganda and helps him politically. That’s the state of the Republican Party and American politics right now.


Source: Global News: Donald Trump Takes Vladimir Putin’s Word Over Russian Interference in U.S. Election– President Donald Trump, who is supposed to be President of the United States and not working for the Russian Federation.

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