The Rubin Report: Dave Rubin- What is a Classical Liberal?


Source: The Rubin Report– There is a little liberal in every non-statist 

Source: The New Democrat

I’ve been asked many times in the past what are my politics. I’m been accused ( if you want to put it that way ) of being a Libertarian or some other right-winger especially on social media, when I say I’m against government-run health health care and health insurance, especially when there would be no other options for health care and health insurance. Or when I come out against free speech over political correctness. My response has always been I’m a Liberal, Classical Liberal if that helps you sleep better at night.


Source: A Libertarian Future– Liberalism 

This blog is a Classical Liberal or JFK Liberal blog. This is not a social democratic or democratic socialist blog, progressive sure! In the sense that I believe in progress and through government action, but bot total government action. People who work in government God bless them all, but they’re no smarter than people who work office jobs in the private sector and have to make payroll and profits every week and month.


Source: AZ Quotes– Friedrich August Von Hayek, on liberalism 

So this socialist idea that if you just let government run things and create this new government program or put more money into a current government program even if that means less individual freedom, choice, and responsibility, that things would automatically get better reminds me of the saying that you have to be a narcissist to believe you’re the center of the universe and are perfect, well you have to be a Socialist to believe that government at any level not just has all the answers, but always has all the answers. Especially when you’re talking about a large organization whether that’s run by imperfect people and in some cases mistake prone people because they’re overworked and have too much responsibility.

So, that’s why I’m not a Socialist democratic or otherwise because I don’t believe government has all the answers and therefor you need an educated free society to be able to manage their personal and economic affairs. Which is sort of the definition of the freedom which is the freedom of self-determination and for people to chart their own course in life and be able to make out of it what they put into to. Enjoy the fruits of their labor and productivity and deal with the consequences of their mistakes and hopefully learn from them so they don’t make the same mistakes in the future. And if you’re wondering why I’m a Liberal, I just explained that I believe the best society is an educated free society. Not a statist society where you have a government big enough to try to manage people’s lives for them.

I’m not a Libertarian, because the modern Libertarian ( let’s call them ) sound like they’re if not more antigovernment than anti-big government, they’re at least as antigovernment as they’re anti-big government. And especially believe that every form of government tax or rule is somehow some form of slavery or something and they tend to be very conspiratorial and sound like they operating off of a whole bottle of whisky or were released from some mental institution without their medicine, they tend to sound like they’ve lost touch of reality and live in a different universe or only only on Planet Earth as visitors, but mentally not really here. I’m not antigovernment and I don’t bash government programs and government daily. I’m anti-big government, because I don’t want government running our lives for us. I want want free educated people to manage their own lives for themselves.

Liberalism, ( or classical liberalism if you prefer ) is not about small government or big government , but a political philosophy that advocates civil liberties and individual rights, liberal democracy with free and fair elections along with all the individual rights both civil and economic that come from a liberal democratic society. And even a safety net for people who truly need it and for whatever reasons aren’t living in freedom with the means and tools to pay their own way, but not to manage their lives for them, but to help them back up so they can live in freedom. Liberals, don’t believe they’re smart enough to not only manage their own lives, but to manage other people’s lives as well, so why would government be even smarter and should have any more power over others lives than just themselves.

The Rubin Report: Dave Rubin- What is a Classical Liberal?

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