Eyes on Cinema: The Michael Parkinson Show- John Wayne: On The Hollywood Blacklist, The American Way of Life & High Noon

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

I sort of see John Wayne as the original 20th Century Tea Party leader and defender of what he and people who thought like him of American values and their American way of life. And that people who disagreed with them politically and culturally were somehow Un-American. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if John Wayne was Phyllis Schlafly’s and Michele Bachmann’s, and many other Tea Party figures, was their favorite actor. John Wayne here defending the Hollywood Blacklist and saying that it was necessary at the time because he didn’t want Far-Left and in many cases Communists and that way of thinking, involved in Hollywood and writing and producing movies.

The Hollywood Blacklist was right-wing and even Far-Right fascism being imposed on Socialists and Communists in Hollywood, simply because they were Socialists and Communists and had a fringe political point of view on the Far-Left. If you’re someone who actually believes in free speech and just doesn’t say that, then you don’t have a problem with having people, beliefs, and values in the country that you disagree with. If you’re a fascist whether you’re on the Right or on the Left, the only speech that you believe is worthy to be heard or read and considered, is speech that comes from your side. So John Wayne who is supposed to be this champion of conservative values in Hollywood and one of those values is free speech, saying that some Americans don’t have a right to be heard and even work, simply because they have beliefs that John Wayne views as Un-American.

I’m a Liberal, so of course I believe in free speech like all real Liberals do. Which means I believe in America because we’re a liberal democracy where all people and all political beliefs have a constitutional First Amendment right to be heard. Whether it’s Tea Party Nationalists on the Right, who believe left-wingers should be silenced because they see those views as Un-American. Or Socialists and Communists on the Far-Left, who believe right-wingers should be silenced because they see their views as bigoted and just promoting what they see as the materialistic racist American empire as they would see it. What John Wayne is telling Michael Parkinson in this 1974 interview coming from the Right or even Far-Right, is that Far-Leftists back in the 1940s and 1950s, didn’t have a right to speak or work in Hollywood, because he saw their views as Un-American. Which is dangerous fascist thinking.

Eyes on Cinema: The Michael Parkinson Show- John Wayne: On The Hollywood Blacklist, The American Way of Life & High Noon

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