Reason: Why Republicans Should Vote Libertarian- The GOP Case For Gary Johnson

“Why should Republicans should vote Libertarian this election? Well why should Conservative Republicans and my mean Conservative-Libertari…”

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Why should Republicans should vote Libertarian this election? Well why should Conservative Republicans and my mean Conservative-Libertarian Republicans vote Libertarian this election? Because the Republican nominee is a big government Republican. Who couldn’t care less about the Constitution if it limits his power, who was once a Democrat and a Liberal Democrat on social issues, before we had an African-American president. And the Democratic nominee is a Progressive Democrat who would raise taxes on the wealthy and has big government leaning when it comes to national security and civil liberties as it relates to the War on Terror. The Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, will be on the ballot in all fifty-states. If the entire Never Tump in movement in the Republican Party goes to Gary Johnson and gets in the debates, voting against Donald Trump, doesn’t necessarily mean Hillary Clinton is the next president. You could prevent both Hillary and The Donald, from winning the Electoral College and perhaps nominating Gary as president in the House of Representatives.

If you’re a Republican who believes that there’s too much power with the Federal Government and not enough power with the states and with individuals, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, is you’re only choice. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, both believe in fiscal responsibility, low taxes and decentralization of government. They’re also against big government all together and don’t want to take big government out of the economy it put it in people’s homes. So the Christian-Right, doesn’t have much interest in voting for the Johnson-Weld ticket. Nor does big government national security Neoconservatives, or the Alt-Right, who represents the entire Far-Right in America. But the Republican Party at it’s core is still a party that believes in economic freedom, fiscal responsibility and limited government. And even if you don’t go with Liberals and Libertarians on social issues, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want government to enforce your cultural values on the rest of the country. And force everyone else to live the same way.

The case against Donald Trump and for the Libertarian Party, is a case in favor of limited government . And against someone who believes he should have all the power and tells people he’ll fix all of their problems for them, if he has no opposition and no one questions anything that he does. It’s a case against big government and right-wing authoritarian fascism, against Vladimir Putin. And a case in favor of limited government and checks and balances. That the executive can’t do everything on their own. That we have a Congress, judiciary and two-party system for good reasons. Because we can’t afford to trust one person and generally one party to govern this huge diverse country by themselves. You don’t have 17 presidential candidates and a divided Republican Party, no way Donald Trump becomes the GOP nominee for president. And perhaps The Donald runs as an Independent or starts a nationalist party or something. But he is there presidential nominee and Conservative-Libertarians have a better option for president.

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