Eldridge Edison: U.S. Representative Bernie Sanders: On The Earned Income Tax Credit (1993)

U.S. Representative Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialist, Socialist Republic of Vermont

U.S. Representative Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialist, Socialist Republic of Vermont

Source:The New Democrat

Anyone who actually interested in helping to move people out of poverty in America would be in favor of the Earned Income Tax Credit. Unless you’re an Ayn Randian who says that government has no role in dealing with poverty in America. Why? Because the EITC encourages low-income and low-skilled adults to actually work and not just get, or stay on Welfare, or Unemployment Insurance. Because it takes roughly twenty-million people off of the Federal income tax rolls and tell those workers that if they work, they won’t have to pay Federal income taxes and instead get about two-thousand-dollars back in the paychecks every year. Which of course they’ll spend, because they can’t afford not to, because they have bills that have to be paid and struggling just to survive to begin with.

If you’re against the EITC from either a Far-Right perspective where you believe that government has no role in dealing with poverty, or that everyone should pay income taxes even if they can’t afford it, or come from a Far-Left perspective in opposition that says big government is entitled to tax all income and that government should encourage people to work, because that would just encourage independence from government, then of course you would be against the EITC. But the two most successful as well as bipartisan policies that have passed Congress and were signed by the President in the last forty-years, are the EITC and the 1996 Welfare to Work Law. Because again both policies encourage people to work. And says that being low-skilled and being low-skilled with kids, is not a good enough excuse to go to work and at least try to take care of yourself.

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