Jim Morrison & ‘The Doors: Hello, I love You (1968)’

The Doors - Hello, I Love You (Subtitulos Español - Ingles)

Source:The Doors– Jim Morrison and The Doors: Live in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1968.

Source:The Daily Review

“The Doors – Hello, I Love You (Subtitulos Español – Ingles). Gran canción de una gran banda! Suscribanse.”

From The Doors 

“The Doors Hello, I Love You at “1-2-3-4 Hot&Sweet” 1968
RECORDING DATE: 09/13/1968
LOCATION: Romer Square – Frankfurt – DE

Jim Morrison & 'The Doors_ Hello, I love You (1968)'

Source:The Doors Portal– The Lizard King Jim Morrison and The Doors: Live From Frankfurt, Germany in 1968. A rare opportunity to see The Lizard King in color in his skin-tight, black leather suit, concho belt, and black cowboy boots.

From The Doors Portal

This photo is from the same performance that Jim Morrison and The Doors gave on German TV from Frankfurt, Germany in 1968. 1968 unfortunately was the last year where we got to see Jim Morrison as a functional, musical performer, before he sort of mentally collapsed and went almost completely crazy in 1969 and was even arrested in Miami, Florida. He’s only 24 at this point in 1968.

Jim Morrison

Source:The Doors– The Lizard King Jim Morrison: Live From Frankfurt, Germany in 1968.

It’s a rare treat that you get to see Jim Morrison and The Doors perform in color. Even though they came out and became a hit in the late 1960s most of their concert footage and music videos were done in black and white. Almost like watching music performances from 1955 or something even though color video and footage for both TV and movies was pretty common if not expected by 1968 when this video in Frankfurt Germany came out.

But since this video was shot in color, you get to see Jim Morrison and The Doors the best blues rock band I believe of the 1960s playing in color. With Jim Morrison performing in his go to black leather suit and suede cowboy boots. And you get to see parts of downtown Frankfurt, Germany as well. The song Hello I don’t think is that great of song. But it has a great guitar and drums beat to it and with the Lizard King and his great voice and with the timing down can make ordinary lyrics like “hello, I love you”, sound better than they actually are.

And then you throw in Morrison’s skin-tight black leather jeans and concho belt that almost made him look like his crotch was sticking out (and that is as graphic as I’ll get) and you had women who simply were in love with him especially when they got to see him perform up close and wanting to touch him. A big reason why you would see women jump up on the stage trying touch and grab him while her performed in the 1960s. So you put all of these things together and you have a pretty good video here.

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