Liza Liz Bethy: FOX 90210- Dylan & Brenda


Source: Liza Liz Bethy– Dylan and Brenda ( played by Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty )

Source:The Daily Post 

“My first fanvid, working only with windows movie maker, so be gentle. I just thought the song would be perfect for Brenda/Dylan from Brenda’s POV in late Season 3, early Season 4 and the will they or won’t they get back together aspect. Song is by A Fine Frenzy, and is called “Ashes and Wine” (and is one of my absolute favorite sad songs).”

From Liza Liz Bethy

When I was a freshman in high school, FOX was still a very young TV network at this point. They came out with a high school soap opera, with the cast all out of high school. Some of them graduating high school 5-7 years before this show came out.

Beverly Hills 90210 which definitely had its cheesy aspects about it, like some of the writing and the fact that a pair of twins, one male and female looked nothing alike . But this was the first prime time soap opera for adolescents of any kind and it was a well rated prime time soap opera.

Beverly Hills was the soap opera of my Generation X and this high school class of 1993 on the show was only a year ahead of me. So I got to watch it for three seasons while they were still in high school on the show. And while I was still in high school in real life. It was about a upper middle class family that moves from Minneapolis to Los Angles actually in Beverly Hills.

Because the father played by James Eckhouse who plays Jim Walsh on the show, the husband of Cindy Walsh and the father of a set of twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh, (played by Jason Priestly and Shannen Doherty) gets a job in Beverly Hills and moves his family out there. And is about how this family relates to their new friends out in Beverly Hills and life in general in a new city.

This show had its drawbacks some of it was cheesy. But when I was in High School, I watched this show every week. Because it actually dealt with what adolescents were going through in real life. In an entertaining and many times even funny way. So it was good TV.

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