Prakash RP: ‘On The Definition of Communism’

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“Communism is the abolition of the exploitation of man by man. Communism is the abolition of the exploitation of women by men as well. And with the abolition of the exploitation of man by man and women by men, the exploiting class ceases to exist, consequent on which its very opposite number, the class of the exploited, also disappears. Communism also means the abolition of the commodity economy, which ensures the perfectly equitable distribution of wealth and income, with which both the rich and the poor as well as the super-rich and the abjectly poor become nonexistent too. Thus, Communism is also the abolition of classes.

Communism does away with the production for profit. The communist mode of production is the production for consumption. Goods and services produced under the communist mode of production are not commodities. They are meant for consumption alone. They are not by any manner of means meant for sale, i.e. for making money. In actual fact, Communism does away with all buying and selling operations, hence all markets, i.e. places meant for buying and selling, and money too. Communism is the abolition of both the institution of matrimony and its opposite public prostitution. Communism also abolishes both overwork and idleness ( both enforced and wilful ). And above all, Communism creates an environment that fits in with the principle of healthy and meaningful living.”

From Prak Shrp

“First episode in a series. Feel free to suggest improvements.

In this episode we’ll define some terms.

-Worker Control of the means of production
-Worker Ownership of the means of production
-A socialist state is a state where working class has taken state power and the means of production are owned in common

-A higher stage of socialism
-Stateless(as society progresses the state “withers” away. This will be discussed in a later episode)
-Super abundance of resources.”

Marxist Theory 101 - #1_ Socialism & Communism

Source:Marxist-Leninist Theory– the People’s Republic of China?

From Marxist-Leninist Theory

I think I got the broader goals of what communism is supposed to be now. That there should be no profits, that a country is a community, which is where Communist comes from. That the whole community should literally share everything with out anyone owning anything. So that would eliminate property rights all together and essentially make everything in society under the ownership of the central communist state. The state, would even own someone’s home where they live. The state, would own our cars and even clothes. No such thing as a private sector. Why? Because there’s no such thing as property rights.

So even in true communist state, things like opposition parties would be outlawed. Why? Because at least in America the state doesn’t own political parties. They’re own and run by private individuals. So if Prakash RP, a self-described Communist and his definition of communism is correct, plus what I just wrote about communism, based on what I read from his blog, how does this version of communism any different from the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China before they legalized private property and ownership.

Same thing with the Communist Republic of China before they went capitalist and brought private enterprise to their economy about ten years ago. Which is just one of the reasons why America and Cuba have restarted diplomatic relations.

If you’re familiar with the Reverend Jim Jones and his People’s Temple from the 1970s and their big field trip to Guyana in the 1970s, you know that is exactly the type of state he tried to create there with his so-called Jonestown. A state where the people would live off the land and live to serve each other and share everything that they gain with each other from off the land.

Now of course Jones turned into a brutal paranoid dictator and perhaps responsible for the deaths of a thousand innocent people down there. But that is what we wanted Jonestown to be at least in the beginning.

This communitarian communistic even environment where there would be no profits and selfishness. Again, how is that type of economic system different from what we use to see from Russia, China, Cuba and still today with North Korea?

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