Liberty Pen: David Boaz- Rand Paul and The Libertarian Mind

Rand Paul

Source: Liberty Pen– U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R, Kentucky

Source: Liberty Pen: David Boaz- Rand Paul & The Libertarian Mind

When you think of Senator Rand Paul’s politics, you should think Barry Goldwater conservative libertarianism. He’s not as far right as his father Ron Paul on economic policy, or as far left on foreign policy. I’ve floated the idea that Rand, is his generation’s and era’s version of Barry Goldwater. “Big government out of the wallets, bedrooms, boardrooms and classrooms. Strong at home, so we can be strong abroad when we need to. But not to police the world, but to defend our national security and economic interests.” Which means if you’re a lets say classical Libertarian, like a Lew Rockwell, or Andrew Napolitano, the Mises Institute, you’re going to disagree with Senator Paul on foreign policy and perhaps national security and perhaps even economic policy.

Rand, doesn’t want to eliminate taxes, or even the safety net. He wants to reform the tax code to promote more economic freedom and have taxes down as low as possible and even eliminate a lot of subsidies, even corporate welfare in the tax code. A Lew Rockwell lets say Anarcho-Libertarian, wants to eliminate taxes all together. As well as the safety net, including Medicare, Social Security and every other social welfare program in the Federal Government. Where Rand, would reform a lot of those programs, by sending them down to the states to run and giving Americans private options in how they receive those services. But when it comes to civil liberties and personal freedom in general, Libertarians and classical Conservatives, should like Senator Paul a lot. And perhaps even be able to work with him on the issues where they have disagreements.

Classical and Anarcho-Libertarians, are probably going to try to paint Rand Paul as a Neoconservative when it comes to foreign policy and national security. Because the Senator believes in a strong, but limited national defense and is not an isolationist. Neoconservatives and the Christian-Right, are probably going to try to paint Rand as a Liberal, because he believes in personal freedom and civil liberties. And doesn’t want big government involved in our personal affairs. And doesn’t think America should try to police the world, at least by ourselves. But he’s neither of those things. He’s a true limited government, pro-freedom Conservative Libertarian. Who isn’t anti-government, but doesn’t want big government trying to manage our lives for us. And as a result, he should be able to appeal to a lot of young Americans, including Republicans.

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