Real Time With Bill Maher: Talks About Ron Paul

Real Time With Bill Maher_ Talks About Ron Paul

Source:Real Time With Bill Maher– talking about U.S. Representative Ron Paul (Libertarian, Texas)

Source:Real Life Journal

“This discussion was from episode 224. I apologize for the odd jitters in the video inbetween.”

From Azuldas

There was a time when Bill Maher considered himself a Libertarian, at least in the sense that he didn’t want big government in his personal and economic affairs. But not what’s called an Anarcho-Libertarian today who is someone who essentially believes that there’s essentially no place for government at all.

There are Anarcho-Libertarians that believe that law enforcement arresting suspects for possible crimes is a form a kidnap. Bill Maher never believed that and I don’t think Representative Paul ever believed that.

But Bill Maher has always believed that government shouldn’t try to tell people how they should live and should stay out of our business as long as what we’re doing is our business and we’re not hurting innocent people. Which is what I’ve always believed as a Liberal and what Classical Liberals believe, that government should regulate who people interact with each other , but not prohibit consensual behavior amongst adults.

This was Bill Maher up until 2009 or so. I believed except for private firearms that Maher has always believed that government should stay out of the private affairs of individuals. But where’s he changed has to do with economic policy where he’s become a Democratic Socialist. And has just as much in common with Socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont on economic policy, as he has in common with Representative Paul on social issues.

Maher has moved big government from our bedroom and personal lives and has stuck it into our wallets and bank accounts. He’s said that government should be running schools, health care, health insurance, pensions and not have the private sector involved here.

Senator Sanders is a strong supporter of personal freedom even in the area of firearms and being a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Bill Maher would outlaw private ownership of firearms. But the rest of Maher’s socially liberal stances are intact. Including free speech and being one of the strongest opponents of political correctness.

Terms like Socialist-Liberal and Libertarian-Socialist, sort of get thrown out there especially on social media. And are terms I’ve used myself, but what do they actually mean? I define Socialist-Liberal as someone who is socialist on economic policy and a big believer in the welfare state and that private enterprise needs to be heavily taxed and regulated and private income needs to be heavily taxed, but that private property and ownership should exist. But who is very liberal in the classical and real sense on social issues and a big believer in personal freedom.

A Socialist-Liberal is a collectivist on economic policy, but an individualist on personal issues and doesn’t want big government interfering and prohibiting the private behavior of consenting adults. But back in 2007 Bill Maher was with Ron Paul on a lot of issues and wanted him to be the next President of the United States. I believe it was really the Great Recession and the Tea Party, that moved Maher way to the left on economic policy. While maintaining his very liberal views on social issues.

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