Democracy Journal: Jim Sleeper- ‘Our Puritan Heritage’: The Limits of Liberal Democracy


Source:FRS FreeState Now Plus– Our Puritan Heritage?

Source:Democracy Journal: Opinion- Jim Sleeper: Our Puritan Heritage

I’m a Liberal Democrat and proud of that, because I believe in liberal democracy and individual rights and the freedom that comes with those things. I believe American liberal democracy and American liberalism, is the best form of government in the world and has been very good to us for almost two-hundred and forty years now, since the founding of the American Federal Republic. I love our private enterprise capitalist system and all the economic freedom that has come with it. Including infrastructure and public education. And I’m sure Europe loves their social democratic big centralized governmental systems, that by in large has worked very well for them.

But just because one system works so well for one country, or several other countries, doesn’t mean that system will work in other countries. The uprisings in the Middle East, including what ISIS is doing in Iraq and Syria, is not a cry out for liberal democracy and individual freedom. But a rebellion against the current central state and central government. And in the case of ISIS, if they were to come to power in Syria and rule that country, they would rule it literally and ruin it. And make Bashar Al-Assad and his regime in Syria look like Moderates. Actually, they’re already done that.

I’m all for assisting countries that want freedom and to build their own liberal society. Whether they are already a democracy, but still developing their economy and state so democracy can thrive there and they don’t go back to authoritarianism. And I’m even for helping rebels who are truly fighting for freedom and are real freedom fighters. Who are taking on the authoritarian state in their country and wanting to bring freedom to their country. But one thing that the Iraq War has taught us, is that you can’t force freedom on another country and expect them to take it. They have to want freedom first and be willing to fight for it and keep it once they have it.
OC Register Opinion: Lawrence Kolb- On U.S. Nation Building in The Middle East

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