Heritage Foundation: David Horowitz- The Black Book of the American Left

David Horowitz
Not the most disciplined presentation that I’ve seen from David Horowitz. He sort of went off in several different directions and talked about several different things. If you watch his TV interviews, he’s much more disciplined and stays on topic. I agree with Horowitz about the Far-Left and as far as what they’re essentially trying to accomplish.

That individualism, is essentially dangerous and individual freedom, should only be tolerated up to the point that the state isn’t literally making all of our decisions for us. Just the key economic and even personal decisions as well. Like what we can eat and drink, what’s good for us, what media is acceptable and how we can even communicate with each other.

That the U.S. Constitution, is outdated and is a big reason why America isn’t as progressive, as the New-Left would put it. Because it puts so many limits on what the Federal Government can do for its people. That federalism is even a bad thing. Because it means one state will be different from another and people might be able to live better than others simply because of the state that we live in. And the best way to achieve equality is to have one big unitarian central state. With most of the power in the country. There two countries that are roughly our size with governmental systems like that. China and Russia and the New-Left points to Sweden as their model for America.

But where I disagree with David Horowitz, has to do with New-Left versus the so-called Left whatever that is. We do have a New-Left in America and that is our Far-Left. And pre-1963 or so, the Far-Left in America was about as invisible as a Conservative Libertarian in San Francisco. Speaking of San Francisco, perhaps the capital of the New-Left in America and where a lot of their movement got started. Pre-1963 or so and up until Jack Kennedy was assassinated, the Left in America was JFK Liberal Democrats. People who would be called New Democrats today. Who loved the U.S. Constitution and our federalist government. But after JFK, America then got a Center-Left. Liberals, who believe in personal and economic freedom. And a New-Left, Socialists, who believe in equality over freedom.

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