Democracy Journal: Opinion- Nick Hanauer & David Rolf- Shared Security, Shared Growth

Source: Democracy Journal: Opinion- Nick Hanauer & David Rolf- Shared Security, Shared Growth

I agree with Nick Hanauer and David Rolf, that the American economy lacks economic growth and job security. That workers are constantly changing jobs, because either they lose their last job, or aren’t able to find that one job that would allow them to obtain that economic security. Where they’re not only making a good living, but able to put money away in a savings account and for retirement, have a good vacation and put money away for their kids education. But where I guess I disagree with Hanauer and Rolf, has to do with the solutions to these issues. That I don’t believe we need a Scandinavian welfare state to take care of everyone and provide the services that Americans workers use to get from a good job.

That what America needs more, is more economic growth, which leads to more good long-term jobs. You get that through things like economic development and new infrastructure and having a workforce with the skills to get those new jobs. What America should be investing more in, is education and job training for our middle class workers and our low-skilled workers as well. As well as infrastructure, small business development and more small business loans. Especially for workers who aren’t finding those good long-term jobs and instead give them small business loans so they can start their own new business. Perhaps even open up a new cooperatives and even open up these business’s with workers who are in a similar economic situation. As well give them educational and job training opportunities.

We have a huge infrastructure deficit. We have to close that in order to have the strongest economy possible and a modern first world infrastructure system.

We have a lower working class, that needs additional skills, so they can get themselves a good job.

We also have a struggling middle class, that has lost jobs that aren’t coming back. And they need new skills so they can get themselves a good job.

And we need new infrastructure as we as economic investment in underdeveloped areas both rural and urban.

This is what government can do jumpstart economic and job growth that leads to good long-term jobs. Empower people who are struggling to get themselves up and be able to move forward. By investing in infrastructure, opening up new education and job training opportunities and encouraging economic investment in underdeveloped areas.
The Next Deal: James Lockhart- The Social Contract Next Deal Economic Forum

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