Reason: Nick Gillespie- ‘Penn Jillette on Indiana RFRA: You’re Not Being Forced to Have Gay Sex’

CNN Tonight

Source:Reason Magazine– Penn Jillette, on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.

“Via Mediaite comes footage from CNN last night in which hardcore libertarian and atheist Penn Jillette weights in on the Indiana RFRA hoohah.

Given his libertarian bona fides, many folks in the blogosphere have been surprised that Penn has come out in favor of anti-discrimination laws that would force business owners to bake cakes and shoot video at gay marriages even if they didn’t believe in such things. Part of his contribution…


This whole so-called religious freedom law debate (which is really what this isn’t about, but about creating some new right for people who are lets face it, are homophobic and hate homosexuality) is not about expanding religious freedom, or protecting religious freedom. It’s about creating a right for people who are so against homosexuality to the point they view gays as second-class citizens and not deserving of the same rights as straights, to discriminate against people simply because they are gay.

When business’s go public and are open for the public, they are exactly that. Whose the public? It’s all of us and all of our races, ethnicities and yes even sexualities. If you don’t want to serve the public, then open a private club and have it open for private membership only.

And with your club you could only allow Christians, or Anglos, or Caucasians in general, or men, or straights of whoever you want your club to be open to, to serve. But if you run a store or a restaurant or some other business that is open to the public, then that is what you are. And you can’t deny service to people simply because you don’t like their race, color, ethnicity, or sexuality.

Protecting gays equal access to America is not about creating new rights for people. Since they already have the same rights as straights anyway. Fundamentalists Christian men aren’t being told that they have to bang men, or go to jail! And fundamentalist Christian women aren’t being told they have to bang women, or go to jail!

If they want to continue to believe that gay sex and homosexuality is immoral and should be illegal, but people banging their cousins, or aunts, or uncles is perfectly legitimate and if anything should be expanded, then they are more than welcome to continue to believe in those things. And be looked down upon as the crazy idiots that they are. But a public business can’t deny access to people simple because of who they are.

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