Central Florida Live: ‘Sexy Party Girls Going Crazy at the Bar’


Source:Central Florida Live– Wild party girls in Central Florida.

Source:The Daily Times

“Exclusive Drunk Girls Shocking Behavior Only In Florida, We Go Behind The Scenes. Drunk girls getting crazy in bars, nightclubs, outside. Dancing on bars, kissing, falling down, getting crazy. You won’t see this anywhere else.”

From Central Florida Live 

I probably found this photo on Flickr, but I’m not sure. What you see are two I’m guessing very young women, who are perhaps very drunk and having a great time partying in someone’s pickup truck. Perhaps the owner of the truck is not aware of that or is shitfaced on the ground somewhere. You would have to ask that person that.

Wild Party Girls

Source:The Daily Times– wild party girls. Perhaps they’re shitfaced and believe they’re out for the WWE or TNA Knockouts.

About 10-15 years ago there was a show on the cable network E that was called Wild On, that was hosted by Brooke Burke. And they would literally go around the world looking for the wildest and craziest places to party. And would interview people there and they would especially cover what are called wild party girls. Very sexy young women who have a lot to drink and then go off and have a great time partying.

In 2003-04 there was a syndicated show called ClubTV, that would do similar things and have similar coverage. But it was exclusively based in America and they would go to the wildest bars and you would see the wildest women, women who probably aren’t even thirty-years old left having a lot to drink and going off that night.

This is what this video reminds me of and as a guy it is a great thing to see and I’m glad there are sexy women willing to be this crazy in public.

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