Hoover Institution: Uncommon Knowledge- Peter Robinson- Interviewing David Mamet on Conservatism


Source:Hoover Institution– Hollywood writer interviewing David Mamet.

“This week on Uncommon Knowledge, playwright David Mamet discusses his book The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture and his conversion to conservatism. Mamet explains how, by studying Jewish and Christian texts such as the Talmud and the Bible, he came to approach arguments from a new perspective that aligned itself with conservative politics. Throughout the interview, Mamet discusses his newly found conservative position on several issues, including social justice and civil rights, the decline of the family and the sexual revolution, affirmative action and race, and domestic politics and foreign policy.”

Source:Uncommon Knowledge 

The type of liberalism that David Mamet seems to be talking about an interested in is how Liberals get stereotyped by what my father calls knee-jerk Liberals. People who are actually not very liberal at all, but who wear the label because they think Progressive is a sellout and they don’t want to have to deal the negative Americans stereotypes of Socialists and socialism. Or even a further left ideology than that. That if you’re a Liberal, you’re really a European leftist ideologically and you don’t like America and what it stands for. And that is putting it simply. That’s what supposed, so-called American Modern Liberals are supposed be, at least according to the so-called mainstream media and people who I call closeted Socialists.

If you’re a so-called Liberal in America, you believe in political correctness who defines that as being against any speech that offends groups of people who you generally support. And that some language is so offensive that it must not only be talked down upon, but banned. And speaking about groups of people, that all people are members of groups. And because of that they should be treated as members of groups and not as individuals who can take care of themselves and even think for themselves. Even if a lot of members of their so-called tribe feel differently about certain issues.

If you’re a so-called Liberal, you not only support the welfare state, but you are all about the welfare state. And that people are generally stupid and can’t be relied to take care of themselves. And are going to make mistakes that the society as a whole is going to have to pay for. So why don’t we just have a government a superstate big enough to take care of everyone with taxes high enough to finance this superstate to take care of everyone. That individualism and individual success and wealth by nature are bad things, because it encourages people to go on their own and those things should be discouraged.

These are the negative and false stereotypes of liberalism that David Mamet seems to have bought into. And I would think someone as smart and as good of a writer that he is would know better than that. And perhaps has spent too much time with the Far-Left in America and now believes that everyone on the Left is part of the Far-Left. That there’s no such thing as Progressive, Socialist, Social Democrat, Democratic Socialist or Communist. That all of these political groups are liberal and all of these people are Liberals. Which is simply not true.

The other thing that I disagree with David Mamet equating liberalism and conservatism with culture. As if liberalism and conservatism aren’t just political philosophies, but they’re ways of lives as well. And then we mentioned some of the cultural stereotypes of so-called Liberals and so-called Conservatives. That if you drive a Prius, you mist be a Liberal. If you’re a NASCAR fan, you’re a Conservative. And that’s just a couple of them.

The fact is liberalism is a political philosophy and conservatism is a political philosophy. Hipsterism is a way of life and culture and a lot of modern Hipsters who are the 21st Century of Hippies, are also leftists (not Liberals) ideologically. And a lot of Rednecks and so-called Christian-Conservatives, are rightists (not Conservatives) ideologically.

But I believe it’s dangerous to judge people on what they think politically, based on what kind of music they listen too, or what they drive, how up to date they are on pop culture and new technology, or do they like guns, etc. But instead we should judge people’s politics based on what they think and how they live politically. But leave their cultural beliefs and lifestyle out of it.

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