Newseum: Video: Inside Media With Frank Bond, P.J. O’Rourke on American Politics


Again about politician’s, but we get the politician’s that the majority of American voters vote for. That is how American democracy works. So if you vote for someone for public office and lets say within months or weeks or days, perhaps even hours of that person taking office after they won the election, look for the nearest mirror and look at it. Because that is the person you voted for and a lot of other dumb voters voted for. And if you want to say that, “Joe or Mary wasn’t the person that I voted for and is now doing things they said they wouldn’t do. And not doing things they said they would do. They tricked me and that is their fault”. When you were in school and you didn’t do your homework, or didn’t study for a big test, who took the blame for that? Your teacher and parents who told you to do those things, or you? You’re at fault for not doing your homework and that includes politics.

I covered the Tea Party yesterday and by the way, I’m tired of saying the Tea Party, because that is like saying the Marshan, because that person or group doesn’t exist. At least as far as we know, I’m not an astrologist, or pretend to be one. But the Tea Party movement is exactly that and they have plenty of people who look just as sane and as intelligent as you or me. If you’re reading this, I hope you’re sane, especially if you are planning on commenting on this. And then you have people who looked like they were residents of a state mental institution that was lacking funds and was forced to shut down. And as a result all these mentally handicapped being released as a result. The Tea Party ranges from classical Libertarians, like certain members of the Ron Paul movement, to Conservative Libertarians like Rand Paul on the center-right, to the Far-Right, Christian-Conservatives and Neoconservatives. It is a very vast and politically diverse movement, that the Republican Party has to have right now.

I like P.J. O’Rourke’s comments on socialism and Margaret Thatcher’s great line about the problem with socialism, is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. And that economic growth and opportunity is not a zero-sum game. That you don’t have to share the current pot to make everyone wealthy enough to live well in America. That what you can do instead is to expand the current pot of wealth. Something I think today’s Socialists may never understand and that they also seeing that everything that is done positively done in a country, has to come from government, especially the big centralized government. When the fact is if Uncle Sam or government in general just gave his nephews and nieces the tools that they need to make a good life for themselves, that chances are most of us will do exactly that. That they just need economic fuel and for Uncle Sam to take his foot off of, well our feet and let us move on our own. And we’ll do very well for ourselves in America.

You know, if you don’t like your politicians, here a few things you can. Stop voting for those politicians. Gee, there’s a crazy idea that just might work. Vote for not better people, because voting for someone better than a crook and idiot, is not much of step forward. Vote for good people who’ll do a good job for you and your community. If those people aren’t running, recruit them to run and find the resources so they can run an effective campaign. If you can’t find that person, but you’re that intelligent, qualified, good person to work in public service, then run yourself. If we had more voters like this, we would have better politician’s and a better political system and government as a result.
P.J. O'Rourke

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