HBO: ‘The Newsroom Season 1: Jim Harper – News Night Senior Producer’

The Newsroom Season 1_ Jim Harper - News Night Senior Producer

Source:HBO– “Jim Harper: News Night Senior Producer.”

“HBO presents “The Newsroom,” a new original series from Aaron Sorkin, premiering Sunday, June 24. For more on The Newsroom, go to:HBO.”

From HBO

Similar to yesterday, this sounds like a hard news report, what is important, get the facts, report and talk intelligently, coming from the woman leading the meeting. Versus young Millennial’s who just got out of college 5-10 years ago who get most of their news, (if you want to call it that) from MSNBC, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. And watch a hell of a lot of tabloid and celebrity news and realty TV and follow those things online.

And what they are saying is that: “We should report and cover what will draw the most ratings”. Meaning what they (Millennial’s) are interested in. And when it comes to political news, get the most outrageous and tabloid looking news stories possible from the loudest voices.

This sounded to me at least like a debate between 60 Minutes or Frontline, versus Hard Copy or Access Hollywood, or whatever the so-called hot tabloid news show is today. Sounds like the hard news people are in charge and the tabloid folks either have to go on the ride or get off the bus.

Apparently this so-called news show started off as tabloid and technology oriented and moved to hard news, because their news anchor was falling asleep at the wheel and they got a real news producer. Meaning a producer who produces real news. Hard news that is important for the country know, including politics.

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