Josh Glass: The Newsroom: The Tea Party Explained


Will McAvoy with an interesting explanation of the Tea Party. I would put it differently because similar to the Left in America, where I am on the center-left as a Liberal and New Democrat, the Tea Party is a very diverse movement of Americans. You have the Rand Paul win, the Conservative Libertarians that Senators Jeff Flake, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson and Representatives Justin Amash and Walter Jones are part of in the House. And then you got neoconservative Far-Right in the Tea Party as well. Neo-Cons like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann, who are very hawkish when it comes to national security and not fans of personal freedom. And then you have the Christian-Right as well.

I think a good comparison of the Tea Party, would to look at Richard Nixon’s Silent Majority coalition of the late 1960s and early 1970s. That was made of Progressive Republicans, Republicans who weren’t in favor of big government. But who believed in things like environmental protection, public education and workers rights. Or look at the Reagan Coalition of the 1970s and 80s, that had Barry Goldwater Conservatives, people who are like those members of Congress that I mentioned earlier, that Ron Reagan was also part of. And then you have the Christian-Right as part of this coalition as well. People who were simply used for their votes, but who politically Reagan didn’t have much in common with.

One way to view the Tea Party is as an actual party. A melting pot of different political groups. Or look at it like a stew with all sorts of different ingredients that by themselves might not seem like much, but them together in one package and then you have a coalition big enough to make a real difference in politics. But what these groups have in common is that they believe that government is too big and spends too much at least as it relates to the economy. Do not like American intervention oversees other than to defend America. And depending how far to the Right, drunk or high they are, question whether Barack Obama is a Christian, an American citizen and born inside of the United States and view him as a Socialist.

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