Moorsh Jaywalker: Minister Malcolm X- ‘The Last Speech’


Malcolm X - the last speech

Source:Moorish Jaywalker– Minister Malcolm X, perhaps in 1965. 

Source:FreeState Now

“Malcolm X – the last speech”

From Moorsh Jaywalker

The fact that Malcolm X that gave this last speech talking about racial equality and individual freedom for everyone, wasn’t the Malcolm X that first came on to the scene in America who did have racial tendencies. Who used racial slurs against Caucasian-Americans, because Malcolm X being the intelligent man that he was got educated about Caucasian-Americans. And no longer saw all Caucasians as racists or what he called ‘white-devils’.

Malcolm X goes from a smart man as far as intelligence and the ability to learn, but someone who was highly ignorant about the outside world that he grew up in, and not familiar with people outside of his community in the late 1950s and even into the early 1960s, someone who believe in separation, that African and Caucasian-Americans should live separately, to someone now speaking the message of tolerance and inclusion in the last years of his life.

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