Channel: Video: Lester Maddox Says it’s Not About Race

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Lester Maddux who unless I’m mistaken was Governor of Georgia at one point, but him saying that denying African-Americans service to his business “is not about race” reminds me of the famous bank robber Willy Sutton saying that robbing banks “is not about the money”. Who are they try to fool? Of course the racial-discrimination that came about in the form of denying African-Americans service was about race. And it was also about skin-color as well.

The Anglo-Saxon South lost the ability to treat Africans as property thanks to them losing the Civil War in the 1860s. Their response was that “if we can’t treat them like property we’ll do the next best things. Separating the Africans from the Caucasians. And denying them the same quality of service that we give ourselves and for the ability for African-Americans to achieve any type of education in life that will allow for them to be successful in America”. They lost all of those battles and losing the ability to deny service to African-Americans I guess was Lester Maddux’s last straw.

Carl E. Sanders & Lester Maddux

Carl E. Sanders & Lester Maddux

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